The complete guide to bunny proofing your carpet

It can be very frustrating trying to stop your bunny chewing your carpet which is a common problem. No matter how many times you tell them to stop their natural instinct to dig and chew will always return.

This is why it's important to bunny proof your carpet. Not only to stop what can be the start of significant amounts of damage but also because the constant distraction of having to jump up every time your bunny starts being naughty can spoil the time you are supposed to be spending relaxing and enjoying their companionship.

Follow the guides below to learn the tried and tested ways bunny moms use to stop carpet chewing

In this guide we have tips on what can be used to cover trouble spots as well as the best ways to cover a whole area that will keep your carpet damage free as well as the best way to use a taste deterrent.

We also discuss what drives this behavior and how you can use gentle discipline to help guide your bunny away from their destructive tenancies as well as what the best toys are that will give them an acceptable alternative to exercise their natural behavior.

And we have some great tips on how to repair small or even large areas of damag so you can keep your home looking neat.

If your bunny has picked up this troublesome habit we hope this simple advice will help you keep your carpets looking neat and let you share your home with your bunny without any stress.