The Complete Guide to Bunny Proofing Your Couch

How To Stop Your Bunny Chewing Your Couch

It can be very hard to stop your bunny chewing and trying to burrow into your couch. As soon as you leave the room they seem to make it a mission to find out why you like spending so much time there. Unfortunately, this can include nibbling the soft edges off or jumping up on top and trying to burrowing into the cushions. Don't worry you are not the first person to have this problem and there are lots of quite simple bunny proofing things you can do to help stop the damage.

In this guide we have some simple ideas to keep your couch looking neat like throwing a cover over it.

How to protect the legs and other wooden edges

We have ideas on how to protect the legs and other wooden edges that tend to get nibbled using a range of bunny proofing from old toilet roll tubes to tough plastic corner guards.

We also investigate taste deterrents like bitter sprays and how they could help and the best ways to apply them.

Don't wait for your couch to get tatty, try out some of these tried and tested bunny proofing methods and prevent unsightly damage and avoid costly repairs.

How do I stop my bunny wrecking my couch?

Some simple bunny proofing to keep your couch looking neat

Over time the materials on your couch can start to look tatty due to the extra wear and tier where your bunny sits. The materials can be nibbled or scratched, and the surfaces can be soiled by the odd accident or dirty paws.

An easy way you can provide some protection is by throwing a cover over the top.

It's best to choose a natural material as it may itself be chewed and pick material which can be washed easily or replaced cheaply.

If your bunny does favor a spot on the couch it can be best to turn over this area to them and keep the damage contained by putting a towel down on this spot or a pet bed to take the brunt of the damage.

How to discipline your bunny for wrecking your couch

What are the best bunny proofing hacks to keep your couch looking neat?

Bunnies can easily leap three feet off the ground

wild rabbit climbing rocks

Rabbits are very good at jumping and climbing and can easily leap onto surfaces a least three feet off the ground. They are constantly on the lookout for food and will explore new places to forage in the hope of finding something tasty.

You may find your bunny will want to explore your couch and will happily jump right up on to the back without any fear or idea of how they will get down.

Protecting the edges and legs of your couch from bunny chewing

A good way to protect the edges around the bottom of your couch is to use a Willow bridges toy that you will find in most pet stores. They are made from a series of willow sticks held together with wire that can be bent into a variety of shapes.

Products we recommend to protect edges of wooden furniture

This toy can be bent into an elbow shape to cover the corner and then rested up against it. It can also be bent all the way around a leg to protect it.

Another great way of stopping chewing damage is to build a low fence around your couch which can be done easily with the section of office storage cubes.

willow bridge couch bunny protection Repurposed bunny toys can be used for protection.

These foot square wire grids can be linked together and set out around the base of your couch.

If you want to stop your couch legs being chewed why not try to shield them by slipping them inside some toilet or kitchen roll tubes. Cut the tubes along the length and wrap them around the legs to add a layer of protection.

Fencing products we recommend to block off crawl spaces
bunny digging couch again
Bethany from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
I fixed my couch and Bethany yet again found a way! She is so proud

How can I stop my bunny chewing and wrecking my couch?

Using bitter sprays to protect your couch from bunny chewing

Bitter sprays can help make the areas around the base of your couch less appealing to chew on however it will probably not stop this unwanted behavior entirely.

It can also be difficult to use on the seating areas and arms without contaminating yourself so is best used alongside other bunny proofing measures.

Remember to keep reapplying the bitter spray regularly so it doesn't lose its effectiveness.

Always use a product designed specifically for bunnies and avoid homemade remedies like perfume, soap or chilly oil as these can be harmful to your bunny.

bitter spray button Bitter spray

What's the best type of couch to get with a bunny?

bunnies chew couch
Double trouble from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
I've tried couch covers, sewing, patching, using bitter apple spray (even though she's digging, but I'm desperate!), but nothing seems to work. I've given up re-sewing because I don't want to waste my time to just have her dig it up again!

Lastly if you are considering buying a new couch then making a choice with your bunny in mind can save a lot of the problems for you in the future.

Bunnies love to chew soft materials such as cloth and wood so if you can choose a couch designed with metal feet or an exposed metal frame this will be far more resistant to wear and tear from unwanted chewing.

Leather or other solid materials will also be a lot tougher and couches that have removable, washable, and even replaceable covers are ideal.

It's best to avoid couches with tassels or skirts that hang down as there will always be a temptation to chew on these.