Bunny enclosures

What Should I Put in My Bunny Enclosure?

bunny enclosure pen Don't overload your bunnies enclosure as they need lots of space to hop about.

When you pop your bunny in its pen at night or when you are at work your bunny is going to need a few things inside it's enclosure to keep them healthy and happy.

In this guide we take a look at the essential things you will need in your enclosure or pen and so you can be sure you have not missed anything important.

Keep them healthy and happy.

We also have some ideas on what other bunny parents used to enrich these environments to stop their bunny gets bored and make them feel comfortable.

What should I put in my rabbits pen?

What are the essential things you should put in your bunny enclosure

One of the first things to think about is the best location for the litter tray. It is best to situate this in a corner as bunnies prefer to use their toilet somewhere less exposed but it also needs to be easily reached to make cleaning it out less of a chore.

custom made bunny litter tray hay feeder Make the litter try more fun by putting a hay rack above it
Litter trays we recommend to use in your bunny enclosure

If your rabbit is new to its enclosure or learning litter training, then you may need a large tray till it gets used to it. Later on, you may be better off with a smaller corner litter tray as these will give your bunny more floor space.

Corner trays can also be helpful as they have a high side which can stop some of the mess spreading away from the enclosure.

Once you or your bunny has picked the best spot for the litter tray it is best to put your bunnies food right next to it as this will encourage good litter training habits.

litter tray cable tie
Charlie and Chester from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
So these 2 rascals nearly gave me a heart attack tonight. I attach their hay feeder to the pen as they just drag it everywhere if I do not. Every now and then they shake it, and the bit of wire comes loose. I usually find it easily but today it got swept up with old hay. Just spend the past hour checking through the old, bagged hay, litter, and poop to find it. Was so worried they had eaten there litter tray cable tie

Most importantly you should provide easy access to lots of hay, this is often best delivered in a hay feeder situated above the litter tray as bunnies will naturally poop and eat inthe same place so this encourages good litter training habits.

It's also a useful way of catching some of the loose hay that falls from the feeder to stop it spreading around. A food bowl should also be placed next to the litter tray that can be used to help contain food such as fruit or vegetables or pellet foods.

Your rabbit is also going to need access to water and there are two main options. You can use a bowl or a water feeder. Bowls are widely regarded as the best as they are more natural for bunnies to use. However, it can be a matter of preference as some bunny moms prefer feeders to avoid poop and other things contaminating the water. Again, it's best to situate this near the food station and litter tray.

What are the best toys for my bunny enclosure?

You are also going to need to provide your bunny with lots of stuff to do while you are away, and each toy is useful in their own way. Remember your bunny is also going to need room to move about so do not fill all the space and it is also best to keep a store of toys aside so you can rotate them to keep them interested when the novelty wears off. Each rabbit has its own favorite toys and behaviors so as you learn these you will know what gets ignored and what to get more of.

Chew toys are great for stopping bunnies getting bored. They need a constant supply of fiber to help their digestion and wear down their teeth so having a few things they can munch on will help with this. Twiggy or grassy balls seem to be the favorite as well as grassy mats.

Chew toys we recommend to enritch your bunnies enclosure

Toss toys are also a favorite toy for bunnies. In their natural habitat they would spend a lot of time arranging their warrens and customizing their surroundings so having a few things they can arrange, and chuck about will help satisfy this natural urge.

Logic toys we recommend to stop your bunny getting bored

To help provide a stimulating environment you can add a few platforms for your bunny to jump on or a ramp they can run up and down. You can get bunny castles or ramps in stores or if you have some DIY skills it can be easy to make them yourself.

Hideaway toys we recommend to provide your bunny with some shelter

Some rabbits like to have a bit of shelter that will make them feel more secure and give them a place to rest where they feel safe. There are lots of things you can use for this including pet tents, tubes or hideaways that will help satisfy this need. You don't always need to spend money either as a cardboard box will make a great hideaway and provide hours of fun for your rabbit to chew and customize into a den.

What types of toys should I put in my bunny pen

bunny willow bridge bed toys Simple enclosures can work well if you bunnies spend lots of time playing out