The complete guide to bunny proofing

If you have a house rabbit as a pet it is essential to rabbit proof your home to keep your bunny safe and avoid costly repair bills.

In this complete guide to bunny proofing we show you how to protect your electrical cords, stop your rabbit chewing your wooden baseboards, door frames, furniture, carpet, wallpaper from chewing damage and more.

We show you how to stop your rabbit escaping your yard or going under your bed or couch where they can get trapped and hurt.

If you are a new bunny parent, we have a step-by-step guide to building an indoor enclosure to keep your rabbit safe and happy when you are away. We will guide you through all the things you will need to do if you are bringing a rabbit home for the first time.

We also provide you with lots of examples of the ways experienced owners tackle some of the trickier bunny proofing problems around their homes so you can respond to any new challenges as they arise.

We have a guide to litter training your rabbit as well as the tips and tricks you can use to keep this on track if your rabbit starts peeing on your carpet, bed, or couch.

We will show you what training and discipline you can use to help control your bunnies naughty behavior without causing stress.

Don't wait for your home to start looking tatty, get rabbit proofing with this complete guide so you can relax with your bunny without the stress and avoid costly damage.

Follow the guides below to learn how to bunny proof your home and avoid costly damage.