The Complete Guide to Bunny Proofing Your Yard

How to Stop Your Bunny Escaping from Your Yard

If you let your bunnies free roam in your yard then you need to check constantly that they are not planning an escape.

Follow this guide to see how other bunny parents secure their yard so you can relax without worrying.

Always check for new escape tunnels

Bunnies like to explore their surroundings and will spend time around the edges of your yard where they feel safe. It is natural for them to shape their habitat by digging and chewing and can quickly open a space under a fence or through a hedge big enough to squeeze through.

Even if your fence goes down to the ground bunnies can quickly excavate a hole big enough for them to squeeze through.

A sure way to stop this is to bury something under the fence like a line of bricks or another piece of wooden fencing.

buried wire fence Bury the fence into the ground to stop it being undermined

A great way to stop your bunny digging is simply to lay a paving stone over the spot where you want to stop it.

If you have a hedge, then the best way to make it escape proof is to use some wire mesh. Make sure you bury it a bit into the ground so it cannot be undermined.

bunny proof fence trench You may need to dig out a bit of a trench so the fence can go into the soil

Back gates nearly always need some improvement and it's especially important to bunny proof them if they lead to dangers outside such as a busy street or areas where people walk their dogs. Extend the gate so there is no space below the bottom of the gate and the ground.

Gates with self-closing mechanisms are ideas to help you get in and out easily and with other family members and guests who may not be initiated in stopping bunnies escaping.

Remember the edge of your yard will constantly be tested by your bunny so make sure you check regularly to see if an escape route is developing under a hedge or behind some furniture.

Why does my bunny keep trying to escape from my yard?

wild rabbit hole

Rabbits like to explore and it's in their nature to try and take advantage of the environment to find the best food and shelter. They are always testing their boundaries to see what they can find.

Even if you give your bunny everything, they need they will try and escape as the grass will always seem greener on the other side of the fence.

How can I stop my bunny escaping my yard?

How do I stop my bunny digging under my fence?