How to bunny proof your home

How to stop your bunny going under your bed

If your bunny has access to your bed it can turn into a bit of a battle to share this space. Unwanted naughty behavior can include nibbling the soft edges of wooden bed frame or materials that hang down around the edges or underneath. This can cause a lot of damage over time and keep you awake at night.

If you are having any of these or other problems don't worry you are not alone.

In the guide we show you the ways other bunny parents have bunny proofed their bed to block the space underneath.

We also show you how to use gentle discipline without causing stress.

How do I bunny proof my bed?

How to stop your bunny going under your bed

There are many reasons why you may want to restrict access under your bed to your bunny. Bunnies have a habit of chewing materials that hang down over the sides and tugging at the covers underneath which can cause quite a lot of damage to your sheets and mattress.

They can even eat the soft wooden edges of your bed itself leaving them splintered and looking tatty.

The spaces under your bed are also unsuitable for bunnies to play in. It can contain unfinished surfaces with nails or splinters and synthetic materials that could cause tummy problems if eaten.

These problems can also be more of a nuisance as well if you sleep in the same room as your bunny and they can keep you awake as they can be active at different times to us.

bunny proofed bedroom Fencing under the bed is often the best and simplest way of bunny proofing it

The most common solution to this problem is to make this space off limits and here we point out the benefits of the various solutions people use.

Quick and easy ways to fill the space under your bed

A quick way to block off the space under your bed is to place some plastic storage tubs underneath it, they are cheap and come in a variety of heights so if you measure the gap before you go to buy them you can get some that fit snugly.

under bed storage Why not fill in the space under your bed with some storage tubs. This can be fantastic way of stopping your shoes getting chewed

Fencing in and blocking off the space under your bed

A more permanent solution to stopping your bunny playing under your bed is to place some lengths of wood around the edges. If you are feeling handy you can join these together into a simple frame to make it more secure and stop it moving about.

Another way of blocking access is to use sections of wire storage grids. These can be tied together and lashed to the legs and bed frame with some string or cable ties to secure them.

Products we recommend for filling the crawl space under your bed

Problems with bunnies going under your bed

Fencing part of a room off is sometimes the easiest option

If you want to keep your bunny completely away from your bed then sometimes it's easier to section off half a room than try and bunny proof everything.

This can be done by taking a pet pen and breaking it up into sheets and using these as a fence. If you lay the out in a zigzag pattern it will help it stand up. You can get fences with a gate in them which will save you climbing over it all the time.

These can then easily be packed away when your bunny is not roaming freely.

Fencing products we recommend for blocking of the crawl space under your bed

Covering the underside of the bed

bunny proofed under bed grids
Preston from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
The extent we have to go through to bunny proof sometimes...just got this new bed frame and realized Preston was chewing on the wood slats last night. Over 150 zip ties and about 25 grid panels later, we are bunny proofed!!!

If you want to stop your bunny getting to the underside of your bed but don't want the bunny proofing to be obvious an alternative approach can be to board the underside of the bed. Pet pens, wire storage grids or even wooden boards can be used to do this.

You should avoid using cardboard for bunny proofing as this may just encourage your bunny and won't last in the long run.

Does my bunny sleep at night

wild rabbits warren

People mistakenly think bunnies are nocturnal or think they will sleep at night when they do, however rabbits are not nocturnal nor do they sleep at night, they're in fact crepuscular. which means they are active at dawn and again at dusk.

This can mean your bunny can wake you up nice and early in the morning in the summertime.

How do I stop my bunny going under my bed?