The Complete Guide to Bunny Proofing Your Carpet

How to Stop Your Bunny Peeing on Your Carpet

It can be very disappointing if your bunny suddenly starts peeing on your carpet.

Years of litter training can quickley be undone and urine stains can build up that damage your carpet and leave a nasty smell of urine.

Trying to stop your bunny peeing on the carpet can also be very frustrating. The time you should be enjoying together with your bunny is instead spent worrying about the next peeing accident or trying to clean up the mess.

If this sounds familiar then this guide is for you. We show you how other bunny parents have stopped their bunnies peeing on the carpet.

We have taken advice from the 50K members of our bunny proofing Facebook group that have shared advice and solutions on this tricky litter training problem.

We have suggestions as to what may be triggering this behavior and show you what you can do to get your bunnies litter training back on track so things can go back to normal.

We also discuss what health or age-related problems could be causing this so you can make the necessary adjustment to your bunnies litter tray.

Take a look and discover how to stop your bunny peeing on your carpet before it becomes a habit.

How can I stop my bunny peeing on the carpet?

How to stop your bunny peeing on your carpet

hay rack litter tray Putting some yummy hay over your bunnies litter tray can encourage them to use it more

Bunnies are creatures of habit so if you have discovered your bunny has peed on your carpet it is best to put a stop to this as soon as possible before your bunny establishes a new toilet area.

There can be many reasons why your bunny has started peeing and pooping outside of their litter pan and by understanding why you will be able to get your bunnies litter training back on track.

In this article we discuss the wide range of reasons for toilet accidents and match these with the solution people have found to correct this behavior and avoid unwanted smells, stains, and damage to the carpet.

How to set up your bunnies litter pan to stop them peeing on your carpet

red hay feeder litter box button Litter box with hay feeder

The first thing you can do to stop your bunny peeing on your carpet is to encourage them to use their litter pan by making it as comfortable as possible.

One of the reasons why your bunny may have decided to start a new toilet area on the carpet is because they are unhappy with the setup they have and want to start their own.

Make sure your bunnies litter pans is in a quiet corner of your home where they will not be disturbed, away from noisy electrical appliances and speakers.

Bunnies do not like extremes in temperature so avoid placing their litter pan anywhere that has a draft or can be hot or cold such as a conservatory.

To encourage them to spend more time in their litter pan, place your bunnies food and water bowl or feeder next to their litter tray so they return to it frequently.

Bunnies are quite happy going to the toilet where they eat, which is normal for them, so by placing their hay feeder over their litter pan you can build up even better litter training habits.

Make sure the litter tray is kept clean, you may need to freshen this up every day and if any mess spreads outside of the pan make sure this is cleaned up straight away or it will encourage bad habits to form that are hard to correct.

Always make sure the litter tray is big enough for your bunny to use comfortably, it needs to be big enough for them to turn around in.

We also recommend avoiding litter trays with grates as although they are easy to keep clean, they can be uncomfortable on your bunnies paws which can put them off.

How changes to your home may be causing your rabbit to pee on your carpet

If you have recently moved home, moved your bunnies litter tray from its regular spot to a new location you may find this can cause them to break their litter training and cause them to pee on your carpet.

Sometimes just moving furniture around in a room can disturb your bunnies litter training routine and if they suddenly do not feel comfortable going to the toilet in their regular spot they may try and establish a new area to pee and poop.

If you think this is the case it is best to go back to basics and re-litter train your bunny from the start.

Also, if your bunny can roam a long way from their litter pan, for instance if you have introduced your bunny to an additional space in your home, they may start a second toilet area on the carpet to save them hopping all the way back each time.

If you think your bunny is starting a new toilet spot for their own convenience you may need to close some of these spaces off or accept you will have to put a second litter tray in the area they have favored.

How you may be unknowingly encouraging you bunny to pee on your carpet

Another reason your bunny may have an accident can be due to their reluctance to go to their litter tray because they are content with where they are so just pee on the carpet where they are sitting.

If for instance you are giving your bunny lots of cuddles or treats on the carpet, they may decide they would rather stay put because going back to their litter tray will spoil the fun.

Bunnies go to the toilet frequently so It is important for you to recognize when they will need a toilet break away from what you are doing with them.

Some of the signs that your bunny is getting ready to go to the toilet is they will become fidgety, often grooming themselves, they may start to try to back into a corner of where they are.

If you do think your bunny needs to pee, do not wait, stop what you are doing and literally lead your bunny to their litter tray before it is too late.

How age and health can be the cause of peeing on your carpet

It is always worth considering if there is a health-related reason your bunny has started peeing on your carpet.

It is always worth considering if there is a health-related reason your bunny has started peeing on your carpet.

In which case it may be better moving the litter tray to a better spot to give them better access.

hey may also start going to the toilet on the carpet around their litter tray if they find it difficult climbing in and out of it. You may find choosing a litter tray with lower sides would make this easier for them and get their litter trainning habits back on track.

Also bunnies have strong hormonal urges that can cause them to mark your carpet. In a lot of cases people find that having their bunnies spayed or neutered can reduce unwanted peeing behavior.

If you have noticed an older bunny slowing down or are considering getting them done its best to speak to a Vet specializing in exotic pets that will be able to advise you on.

Sometimes the only option is to put a litter tray where you bunny pees on your carpet to stop the mess.

Lastly it may be that your rabbit prefers the toilet spot they have chosen better than where you have located their litter pan. Bunnies can be very stubborn so you may need to accept this and move the litter tray there or add a second litter tray into the spot they prefer.

How can I stop my bunny peeing on my carpet?

How to use training and discipline to stop your bunny peeing on your carpet.

If your bunny seems to have forgotten its litter training and suddenly starts peeing on your carpet this can be really upsetting and unfortunately even though it's easy to do, telling them off for doing this will probably not stop them.

However, some gentle and well-judged guidance will help and in this guide, we give you some simple rules to discipline your bunny without causing harm or causing antisocial behavior.

naughty bunny pee It is very disappointing when your bunny suddenly starts peeing on your carpet. This bad habit when it starts can also be hard to stop

Only use discipline when you catch your bunny in the act or any telling off will be wasted. If it is a second afterwards, they will not associate the punishment with what they are doing, and it will be wasted.

Never shout at, scare or hit your bunny as this sort of overreaction won't discourage them and in the long run can make them timid, antisocial or even aggressive towards you.

The best way to let your bunny know it's not allowed to do something is by saying their name followed by a firm NO! Then take them somewhere you can leave them while you tidy up the mess.

When your bunny is safely out the way you will then need to clean up and make sure you remove any scent where the accident happened or your bunny will want to keep going back to this spot and add to it.

If it's just some poops then toss these in the litter try and give the surface a quick spray with some fabric freshener.

If it's a pee stain then it's important to soak out any mess and again treat surfaces with a fabric freshener.

A stronger deterrent can be to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your bunny being naughty, spray a mist of cold water over them. Never squirt or spray water directly at them.

water mister button Water mister

How should I discipline my rabbit for peeing on my carpet?