How to bunny proof your home

The Complete Guide to Bunny Proofing Your Carpet

Bunny proofing your carpet is accentual if you want to keep it looking neat and avoid costly damage.

Bunnies are natural born diggers and can easily tug up the carpet, they also like to eat fibrous materials, and you may find your carpet is on the menu.

Once this problem starts carpet chewing can be hard to stop no matter how many times you say No!

Another common problem can be litter training that can easily slip, and then peeing accidents can occur.

In the guides below we show the many ways bunny parents have gone about stopping their carpet being damaged by their bunnies.

We have taken this advice from our 50k strong bunnyproofing Facebook group which have shared advice on this subject from many angles.

Our advice covers the many ways you can bunny proof and protect your carpet, we talk about using gentle discipline to control unwanted behavior. We look at why bunnies chew carpet to help you see it from their side. We have tips on how to stop your bunny peeing on your carpet as well as a guide to repairing damage that may have occurred.

Take a look and discover what to do to bunny proof your carpet avoid costly damage.

How to protect your carpet from chewing

We show you the best ways to stop your bunny chewing your adding protection to trouble spots as well as the best things to use to cover a whole area that will keep your carpet damage free. We also have tips on the best taste deterrents.

How to discipline you bunny for chewing your carpet

Learn how to use gentle discipline to control your bunnies behaviour. We show you how to set clear boundaries and direct your bunny towards some acceptable chewing alternatives with out causing them stress.

Understanding why your bunny chew your carpet

We take a look at each of these reasons for carpet chewing so you can Learn why your bunnies is chewing your carpet and offer practical advice on what you can do to change your bunnies behavior to avoid the destruction.

How to repair your carpet where your bunny has chewed it

And we have some great tips on how to Repair small or even large areas of damaged carpet so you can keep your home looking neat.

How to stop your bunny peeing on the carpet

We also show you how other bunny moms have found to Stop bunnies peeing on the carpet.We have suggestions as to what may be triggering this behavior and show you what you can do to break this habit so things can go back to normal.

If your bunny has picked up this troublesome habit we hope this simple advice will help you keep your carpets looking neat and let you share your home with your bunny without any stress.