How to bunny proof your home

The Complete Guide to Bunny Proofing Your Furniture

If your bunny likes to nibble at your furniture, it's best to put a stop to this as soon as you can before it becomes a habit and ends up causing a lot of damage. Bunnies will naturally eat tough furious materials to help supplement their diet and wear down their teeth that grow constantly throughout their lives.

Table and chair legs, the soft wooden edges of dressers and sideboards and even laminated wooden cabinets can all be on the menu.

We show you the ways other bunny moms protect there wooden furniture

In this guide we take a look at the damage that can happen to these bits of furniture and show you the ways other bunny parents have found to Protect wooden furniture from chewing damage using a variety of bunny proofing measures.

We also take a look at what can be the Causes of furniture chewing and what you can do to encourage your bunny towards acceptable alternatives. This includes a guide to using gentle discipline without causing stress to your bunny.

Don't wait till your home starts looking tatty, follow these simple guides to avoid chewing damage.