How to bunny proof your home

How to Bunny Proofing Your House Plants

To your bunny all the plants in your home are essentially food and it's unlikely that you are going to be able to stop them from trying to eat them. Bunnies have razor sharp teeth that can easily strip the bark off a mature plant or cut through a stem in a second. If you have ever given your bunny a cabbage leaf you will know how quickly it can disappear.

Not only can your bunny cause a lot of damage which can be very frustrating, unfortunately many house plants imported into our homes from exotic places can be poisonous, something your bunny is not going to be able to tell by the taste. This is why bunny proofing your plants is essential to not only protect the plants from your bunny but to protect your bunny from eating something and making itself unwell.

Bunny proofing your plants is essential

In this guide we have lots of bunny proofing ideas to Make your house plants bunny safe from experienced bunny parents like how to fence your plants off with sections of pet end as well as some great tips like remembering to check leaves cannot fall into areas your bunny plays.

We have links to resources with details of poisonous plants and plants that are safe.

We also have lots of other helpful ideas on how to Stop your bunny digging in soil and making a mess.

So, don't take any risks with what can end in a visit to the vets or worse follow these guides to keep your bunny and your plants safe.