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How to Carve Totally Awesome Halloween Bunny Pumpkins

Why not do something a bit different this Halloween with these ideas for bunny Jack-o-lanterns? Simply print out the template and follow this step-by-step guide to make your own bunny-tastic Halloween decoration.

Download the templates here...

halloween bunny pumpkin carving

You will need

halloween bunny pumpkin carving kit Everything you need to know to here make a fool proof bunny-tastic Halloween decoration.

You will need

Top tips to make you pumpkin last longer

Try spreading petroleum jelly on the cut edges as this will help to seal in moisture.

If your pumpkin still shrivels a few days later, it can be revived by soaking in cold water for up to eight hours.

Another great tip is to make a chimney. Simply look to see where the lid has blackened and cut a small hole there to let the heat out.