How to bunny proof your home

Bunny Proofing Checklist

naughty bunny chew tv remote

Bunny proofing your home is essential when you live with a house bunny as there are lots of ways your bunny can come to harm or your home could be damaged.

Bunnies have very strong urges to chew, dig and explore and even when supervised it only takes your back to be turned for a moment for them to get into trouble from a wide range of things including chewing electrical cables, toxic plants, wallpaper and baseboards and situations like getting trapped inside your sofa which is a nightmare, the list is very long.

To help you cover all eventualities we have created a bunny proofing check list you can work through so you can be confident you have done all the bunny proofing you can and relax with your bunny without the worry.

Bunny Proofing Checklist