How to stop your bunny going underneath your couch

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bunny hiding inside couch
The flimsy material under your couch is not match for a curious bunny

It is natural for your bunny to want to explore and relax in areas around your home that offer shelter. As a prey species they have strong instincts to look for cover and the underneath of your couch is a place of safety they will return to again and again no matter how many times you try and stop them.

Unfortunately, the unfinished material in these out of sight places can contain a number of dangers to an unsuspecting bunny. The flimsy materials are often crudely nailed or stapled together which can cause harm if brushed up against or chewed and digested. The plastic material covering the underside can contain long strands of indigestible plastic that can leave your bunny very sick and even needing a costly visit to the vets if eaten.

Many bunny moms have also discovered to their peril that these flimsy covers underneath although good enough to stop dust getting in will not be strong enough to stop your bunny breaking through where they can become trapped inside. This can be incredibly dangerous and may leave you dismantling your couch to get them out.

This is why many bunny owners choose to make under their couch a no-go area

This is why many bunny owners choose to make under their couch a no-go area for their bunnies and in this guide show you how you can do this easily by filling the space with some storage.

We also have some examples of how you can use office storage cubes and wooden frames to block access.

Take a look and find an idea that will work for you and will keep bunny out from under the couch.

Some simple ways stop access under your couch

bunny sleeping under chewed couch
Stop your bunny destroying the underside of your couch, here's how to block this space off!

The simplest way to block off access under your couch is by filling in the gap with somethings that will be resistant to chewing damage. This can be an ideal place to store things away in plastic storage boxes. They are cheap and come in a variety of sizes so you can measure up the gap and find something that fits snugly. These can then be filled with cloths, toys and shoes which can also help keep them out of your bunnies reach.

If you want something that looks a little less cluttered than using storage or there isn't enough of a gap to usefully fill the space, then a common way of blocking access to this area is to use a few lengths of wood. These can be cut to size then slid under your couch around the edges to act as a barrier. Bunnies can be quite strong if they want to move something out the way so make sure the blocks of wood can't easily be moved about by using something substantial or by putting something heavy behind them.

Block the space under your couch with

  • Some plastic storage boxes
  • Lengths of wood

How to permanently stop your bunny going underneath your couch

Better still if you have some home improvement skills then it can be a great idea to make into a simple wooden frame to go under your couch. This works well as it will stay in place if your couch moves about and can provide a solid base if you want to attach some additional bunny proofing around the back.

Another option is to make a fence from section broken out of some office storage cubes. These small foot square wire grills can be tied end to end with cable ties and lashed to the legs of your couch with a few bits of string. These can easily be brought out when your bunny is roaming freely and put away folded away when not needed.