How to stop your bunny chewing walls & wallpaper

Bunnies, especially bored ones are always on the lookout for something fibrous to chew, it helps wear down her teeth and supplements their diet with fiber which they need to keep healthy.

Unfortunately, in your bunnies eyes wallpaper and even your walls look ideal for this and if they learn to strip off the paper and scrape away the plaster then in no time at all you can be looking at a significant amount of damage.

These natural urges if they start can be hard to stop no matter how many times you tell your bunny to stop. This is why the only real option is to bunny proof areas of your walls to stop your bunny chewing them.

In this guide we show you the many ways other bunny parents have gone about protecting their wallpaper.

We have some simple ideas like fence a wall off with some sections of pet pen or wire grids.

How to fix more permanent protection such as fitting corner guards

We also have a guide on how to fix more permanent protection such as fitting corner guards as well as examples of using clear acrylic.

We also show you the best ways to use bitter sprays and have a guide to the best test determinants.

Follow the guide here to learn how you can keep your wallpaper intact and be able to spend time with your bunny without the worry.

How do I stop my rabbit from chewing walls and wallpaper?

  • Temporarily protect wallpaper by placing a ceramic tile or cardboard box in the way
  • Build a fence around the edge of your room with some sections of pet pen or office storage cubes
  • If you want to permanently protect your walls you may consider mounting acrylic sheeting
  • Protect exposed corners with plastic corner guards
  • Apply some bitter spray to areas being chewed to act as a deterrent

Simple ideas to stop your bunny chewing your wallpaper

A cardboard box is probably the simplest way to block access to an area of a wall.

It's best to put something heavy in it to stop it being moved around as bunnies can be surprisingly strong when something is in their way.

A simple way to provide temporary protection is to keep a few ceramic tiles handy and lay them up against the walls in these areas.

These can then be packed away when not needed.

pet pen bunny wall protection
Section of office cube storage or pet pen can be used to fence off an area

Or another great way to cover over an area that won't look as out of place is to use a common toy often called a willow bridge to lean up against the wall.

These toys made of a series of willow sticks linked together are heavy enough to not be moved about by a bunny

They will give them a tasty alternative to chew on that's hopefully tastier than another part of the wall that's unprotected.

A very common way to protect large areas of walls and wallpaper in your home is simply to fence them off with sections of pet pen.

You can break out sections of a pen to get the right sized fence.

If you want something a bit shorter you can also use sections of office storage cubes.

wire grid bunny condo

Wire grids

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What are the best bunny proofing hackz to protect my wallpaper?

  • Prop up a few large ceramic tiles against the areas where damage is starting to add protection
  • Make a low fence set just back from the wall with a section of wall with section of wire storage grids
  • Place a large cardboard box up against the wall to add protection and keep your bunny busy
  • Always provide lots of safe and acceptable alternative to keep your bunny out of trouble

Why does my bunny chew my wallpaper

wild rabbit

It is important for a rabbit's health to eat a wide range of fibrous materials. This is not only good for their digestion but also helps wear down their teeth which can grow up to 5 inches a year.

Wallpaper unfortunately is something you bunny may choose to eat as a part of its diet. Always provide lots of alternative chew toys and a stack of hay each day.

How to fully protect your walls and wallpaper from bunny chewing

A permanent and neat looking solution to protecting your walls and wallpaper from your bunnies unwanted chewing and scratching is to mount some sheets of clear acrylic to them.

This can work well if you have built a large pen that uses a wall as a part of its perimeter.

This will require some DIY skills but will protect your walls from chewing, scratching and general mess that may spread about.

How can I permanently protect my wallpaper from bunny chewing damage?

  • Sometimes it can be easier to set up a permanent fence around the edge of a room with sections of pet pen
  • If you are confident with some DIY a neat solution can be to mount acrylic sheeting to areas that are often damaged
  • L shaped plastic corner guards can be found in most home stores and are ideal to protect corners and ledges

What is the best bitter sprays to stop your bunny chewing your walls or wallpaper

bunny chewing wallpaper
Misty From our facebook group
If you can't beat em then join em. I stripped the walls and painted them

Bitter sprays can help make walls and wallpaper a lot less appealing for a bored bunny to chew on however, it is not likely to stop chewing damage completely on its own so should be used alongside other remedies.

Apply the treatment to areas that are being chewed and anywhere else you think could become a target. Remember to re apply it frequently to stop it wearing off.

Avoid homemade remedies such as perfume or chilly oil and instead use a recognized bitter spray which is designed for bunnies and remember to keep reapplying the bitter spray regularly so it doesn't lose its effectiveness.

bitter spray

Bitter spray

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How to tell your bunny off for chewing your walls and wallpaper

  • Only tell your bunny off when you catch them chewing your wallpaper or they will not understand.
  • Never scare or cause your bunny stress as this may make them timid or aggressive towards you.
  • Even if you bunny is being naughty never hit or push or chase your bunny away, they spook easily and can hurt themselves in the rush to get away.
  • Why not build a digging box with lots of things to shred and chew in.

What is the best bitter spray to stop my bunny chewing my walls and wallpaper

  • Apply bitter spray to damaged areas of wall paper and any other likely areas of damage to keep them safe
  • Remember to reapply bitter spray regularly so it doesn't lose its effectiveness
  • Use a shop bought product as homemade remedy like chilly oil, tape, perfume or soap can be harmful

How to stop your bunny chewing the corner of walls

If your bunny has started to nibble at the paper on the corner of your walls it is best to act quickly to stop this before it spreads across the wall or the plaster gets eaten. To do this it's best to protect your walls with something chew resistant.

Fortunately, a simple way to protect fragile edges is to use a cheap commercial product designed specifically to stop this type of damage.

You may have seen these L shaped lengths of tough plastic in public buildings and you can buy them in most DIY stores and fit them yourself.

They come in a variety of lengths however you only need to cover up to your bunnies reach so it's best to cut down to size. This can be done with a craft knife so no need for any DIY tools.

They can then be easily attached to the wall with some sticky pads or adhesive.

They also come in a variety of colors so you can match your wall or in clear so they can go over patterned wallpaper without standing out.