How to stop your bunny chewing your curtain and blinds

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It can be very frustrating if your bunny starts eating your curtains. They can do quite a lot of damage when left in a room on their own.

Bunnies have razor sharpen teeth which grow constantly throughout their lives so are always looking for something to chew on to wear them down and can make short work of cloth and even the tough material lateral blinds are made of. Other damage can include chewing the end of draw strings and tassels which can be sliced off.

In this guide we show you the many ways other bunny moms have found to limit the damage

In this guide we show you the many ways other bunny moms have found to limit the damage to their curtains and keep them out of harms reach.

We also have a few safety ideas as bunnies have been known to get cough up curtains and blinds.

And if you think it would help, we have a guide to what taste deterrent you can use and how best to apply it.

If your bunny is chewing away at your curtains and you just want to stop them being damaged, we hope these examples help you avoid this troublesome problem.

How to bunny proof where your curtains get chewed

You will often find that the worst of the chewing damage can occur at each end of the curtains. This may be the spot where you bunny likes to run along behind them then pop in and out. If you draw the curtains in a bit from the end wall your bunny will not see them as in its way and hopefully ignore them.

A way of protecting the curtains is to fence them off with sections taken from a pet pen. These can be set out free standing so are an easy way to make a bunny no go area.

Try some distraction where you notice a chewed patch developing by putting a tunnel toy or cardboard box there to keep the curtains out of the way. Hopefully, you bunny will want to chew this more than your curtains when they pass by.

Always remember to tie drawstrings out of reach

rabbit curtain hook
Bunnies can get tangled up in draw strings and hurt

Always keep draw strings or other cords out of reach, not only could they be an easy target for chewing your bunny may get tangled up in them and hurt itself. If you don't have a regular way of doing this, then install a hook and make tying it up out of reach a habit when your bunny is roaming in the room.

Applying bitter sprays

Bitter sprays can be a helpful if you are battling to stop your bunny chewing your curtains or blinds but it sometimes be only offers a partial solution as you may find your bunny more than prepared to put up with a bad taste. As always, it's a combination of bunny proofing things that will prove most effective.

Apply the spray on the area being chewed and any other areas that look like they could be a target as well. Remember to reapply regularly so it doesn't lose its effectiveness.

Avoid home-made remedies such that may be suggested to you such as perfume or chilly oil as these can be harmful to your bunny and instead use a product designed for bunnies.

Bunny proof check list

  • Damage can occur at each end of the curtains where you bunny pops in and out, try drawing your curtains in a bit here
  • Make your curtains a lot less appealing to chew on with taste deterrents
  • Consider taking your curtains up before your bunny does this for you