Help! How do I repair my carpet where my bunny has chewed it?

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bunny chewed carpet
Don't panic, it's not that hard to fix the damage from chewing and digging

It's surprising how quickly chewing damage can occur if you bunny takes a liking to a spot of carpet to chew, especially if it happens unnoticed behind a sofa or under a bed. Don't panic there are ways to fix this and with a bit of know-how you can restore the damage at no cost.

Follow these guides and see how you can easily repair small patches of nibbled carpet.

If the problem got a bit bigger then we show you how to swap out a section of carpet from a bit you often find in the wardrobe.

We have details on all the tools and other stuff you need so you can do a proper repair job and restore the damage as good as new.

Repair small patches of carpet

If it's a small patch of carpet, an inch or so across a simple way to fix this is to take a pair of scissors and from around your carpet carefully cut out the odd strand at the base. Make sure your spread this out so it will go un-noticed. Next using some strong glue start to build the carpet back up by gluing the strands back in at the base. With a bit of patience, you will soon build the pile up again but be careful and take your time as you don't want to spread the glue about.

How to repair large patches of carpet

carpet repair tools
You can repair carpet with some simple home improvement tools

If it's a larger patch it can be best to replace the section with new carpet. Ideally you may have some spare carpet but if not, you may find that the same carpet has been used in a cupboard or under a piece of furniture and you can use this instead.

What you will need

  • Glue
  • Utility knife

To make sure it will fit perfectly take the replacement piece and first check to see if there is a noticeable grain as you will need to line this up with the grain of the carpet.

Cut around the area you want to replace using a utility knife. Cutting through carpet can be tricky so you may need to score it a few times. If you can lift the edges up as you cut this will help avoid cutting into the carpet padding beneath. It's best to cut out an odd shape like a triangle as square shaped replacement tend to be more noticeable.

Cut a new piece of carpet the same shape. It can be helpful to make it slightly larger than the hole, if you have a limited amount of carpet you can always trim it down a bit however a piece smaller than the hole will be noticeable.

Make sure any missing underlay has been glued back in first then apply adhesive to the back of the carpet and to the carpet edges that surround the hole you cut out.

Orientate the new piece of carpet so the grain runs in the same direction as the installed carpet, then press the patch firmly down.

When it is dry you can ruffle the edges up a bit, so it blends in.