What's the best litter tray for my bunny?

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We look at the good and bad points of different litter trays to help you choose the best one

There are a number of types of litter trays to choose from which largely depends on how big your bunny is and how much room you have. In this guide we look at the good and bad points of each sort to help you decide which type is good for you and your bunny.

Corner litter tray can be good for litter training as they typically have a low side which will be good for learning to jump in and out of for a small bunny. They also have a high back which can help stop the litter being kicked out and spreading around. They are quite small so if you have a larger bunny you may find it growing out of it quite quickly and as they are a bit lighter, they can get moved about a bit and tipped over.

If you have a regular sized bunny then most of the regular litter trays you can get in pet stores will be fine. Make sure it's for bunnies as sometimes they can come specifically for cats with a rim. You are looking for a simple shallow tray without any features.

Litter trays with a mesh under them although easy keep clean can be uncomfortable for your bunny and this sort of set up is not used by people that put the welfare of their bunnies first.

If you have a large or giant bunny then you may find that a lot of the regular trays are a little of the small side and can lead to peeing accidents over the sides, litter being kicked out and often the whole thing being tipped over. The answer is to get a small plastic dog bed. Make sure it's the type without drainage holes in so the letter does not fall through.

If you are struggling with an older or disabled bunny then a lot of people have hound re-purposing a wide plastic potting tray works really well. They typically have one very low side and are big enough for a bunny that may struggle a mobility to easily get on.

You can find combinations of litter trays and feeding station if you have a look in the internet and these can be a great way of making double use of a smaller space. They will encourage you bunny to both use the litter tray and eat some more hay which is always good.