Best free toys for bunnies

House rabbits need their toys, it is important for their well-being and good for you if they have distraction that stop them from chewing the carpet and soft wood edges of furniture and baseboards. Rabbits do however get bored of toys pretty quickly so instead of spending money why not make some yourself. Here at bunnyproof HQ we have been testing out toys to see how easy they are to make, how much mess they make and how much our rabbits like them.

1 Toilet roll tubes

toilet roll tubes
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Toilet roll tubesToilet roll tubes are a free and plentiful toy that are a great way to keep your bunny busy. They will enjoy chewing at the course cardboard and tossing them about. You can also make them even more fun by filling them with hay which is a great way of getting your bunny some essential fiber and give them an alternative to seeking this out by chewing your carpet, wallpaper and wooden furniture.

We never throw an old toilet roll away, we just chuck them in out bunnies path when the roll is used up. He gets bored of them pretty quickly so when they start looking tired we just bin them. We also like to play a game with our bunny where I sit with him and stack a bunch of them up on top of each other which he then knocks over and tosses about. He never gets bored of this game so it's a great way of keeping his attention when playing with him.

Our verdict

A free and unlimited source of entertainment. Why not stuff them with hay to make them even more fun to play with!

Key features

  • Toilet roll tubes are a free and plentiful toy that your bunny will love playing with and chewing
  • You can stuff them with hay to make them even more fun or stack them up and make a fun obstacle for you bunny to demolish
Fun: Enjoyable
Mess: Easy to clean

2 Digging box

digging box bunny toy
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Digging boxIf your bunny has a habit of chewing, tugging and trying to dig up your carpet, or is constantly trying to burrow into your couch or bed then this is the ultimate toy to let them exercise this foraging behavior and the best thing is its free! All you need is a cardboard box or a basket filled with shredded or scrunched up paper, hay and other chew toys. This will keep your bunny busy foraging inside and is also a great way of keeping the mess contained. Make sure you check for staples and tape and avoid glossy paper with heavy print on it.

Our bunny loved his digging box when we made him one, we hid some treats in the bottom which he would go mad for. However, when we left it out for too long he got it confused will a litter tray so we had to keep an eye on him and now only bring it out for shout sessions.

Our verdict

Ideal for rabbits that like to dig and tug up your carpet, or soft furnishings.

Key features

  • A free toy you can make yourself that your bunny will love
  • A great way of keeping all the chewing and shredding mess neatly contained
  • Fill it with hay, shredded paper and other chew toys
Fun: Very exciting
Cost: Totaly free!
Mess: Very tidy