What is the best floor for my bunny enclosure?

bunny enclosure carpet
What's the best flooring for your bunny enclosure?

Choosing the right floor surface of your bunnies, especially in their pen or enclosure is very important. It will stop the damage to carpet or wooden floors from chewing and scratching which can be costly to repair. It will also make cleaning a lot easier especially around the litter try. Hard surfaces can also make it difficult for bunnies to move and binky about on without slipping and a floor covering can make play more comfortable. It is also important in some cases to offer insulation from cold hard surface. Picking the right floor for your bunny can be tricky as there are a number of options bunny people choose from which best suits them. In this guide we look at some of the popular choices and give you the pros and cons so you can decide on the best option for you.

Rugs and mats

A simple option can be to buy a mat or rug to lay on the floor. They are hard wearing and best of all can be washed if they get stained. If you rabbit likes to chew things then try and find one that's made from a natural material, avoiding mats with rubberized backing or long strands of synthetic fiber as these can cause problems if your bunny eats them.

bunny cage rug
Throw a few rugs on the floor to add some protection.

Vinyl flooring

vinyl flooring bunny enclosure
Vinyl flooring is a cheap way to covering a large area.

Vinyl flooring is be a cheap option for covering a larger area. It can be easily cut to size and is wipe clean and stain resistant. You will need to watch this in case your bunny starts eating it. If this is the case its best to swap this out with a more natural material.

DIY stores offer cheap outdoor carpet solution that can be very hard wearing, and they will cut these to size which means you can get something that fits without having to cut it down yourself.

Carpet offcuts

A cheap option to cover a larger space can be to carpet off-cuts. Most carpet stores will have some cheap roll ends you can pick up at a discount price. Try and find one that's pure wool if you can so you know it will be safe if your bunny eats it.

buying carpet offcut
Why not pick up a pure wool roll ends at a discount price.

Puzzle tiles and play mats

play mat bunnies flooring black white
Children's play mats are easy to keep clean

Another popular solution to cover an area of floor is to buy a few packs of children's puzzle mats. These jigsaw like foam sheets are tough and easy to wipe clean, again keep an eye on them to see if it's being eaten.

If you want a single floor covering that would be easy to clean, then some people have found that children's play mat are ideal. These colorful floor covers are tough and stain resistant.

Grassy mats

If you want to cover smaller area for instance inside an enclosure with something your rabbit will really like then you can use a pack of grassy mats, the type found in pet stores.

bunny sitting grassy mat
Grassy mats can be a tasty way to cover a small area.

These are relatively cheap so you can buy a few of them at a time and your bunny will love sitting on them and eating them. The only downside to these is that they can get a bit messy when they start to fall apart. If you don't mind a bit of mess, then scattering a few of these around your bunnies enclosure is a great option.

Horse stall mats

horse stall mat
Horse stall mats are good because they are thick enough that they won't bunch up.

Some people swear by horse stall mats. They're thick enough that they won't bunch up, fairly inexpensive and easy to clean. You can also get them custom cut at a suppliers.