Top 9 best bunny proofing hacks

If you want to check you have done all the essential bunny proofing, see our list of the Top 8 bunny proofing hack to find out how you could be making your life easier.

1) Split length tubing

split length tubing
Protect wires in tough Split length tubing

One of the most important bunny proofing jobs you can do is to protect the electrical wires that trail around your home from chewing damage. It only takes a moment for razor sharp teeth to cut through the soft plastic and your bunny could come to serious harm. A cheap and simple way you to protect wires is by slipping them inside a tough plastic piping. Pipe can be purchased from most home improvement stores.

To install it first cut the tubing to the correct length then cut the tubing along its length. Next simply slip the wire inside via the split. You don't even need to take the plug off.

2) Back yard escapes

If you give your bunny access to your garden or yard, then you need to bunny proof the perimeter to keep your bunny safe and secure. Check all the way around the edges and secure any areas where your bunny could escape. Rabbis are good at digging so you may need to bury some wooden board or a line of bricks below the fence to prevent escapes.

Bury wire fencing into the ground a few feet to stop it being undermined.

3) Stop chewing damage to carpet with an old tile

tile covering carpet chewed bunny
Quick and easy carpet protection from a naughty bunny

If you catch your bunny tugging up your carpet, then it's worth employing some simple bunny proofing protection to help stop this before serious damage is done. This unwanted behavior can be quickly put off by resting some ceramic tiles over these areas. This will hold the carped down and you bunny will find it hard to move it out the way.

4) Build a digging box for your bunny

bunny shredded paper digging box
bunnies love to dig and forage for treats and a digging box will keep them entertained for ages

Bunnies love to dig and forage for treats so by making a digging box you can let them play and keep them out of trouble at the same time. You will need a cardboard box big enough to contain the mess but low enough for your bunny to jump in to. Next fill it with shredded paper, old toilet roll tubes and anything else they may like.

Good things to put on a digging box

  • Shredded paper
  • Straw
  • Twigs
  • Chew toys

5) Storage boxes are idea for blocking spaces under furniture

storage under bed
A simple way to do make an area no go is to fill it with some storage boxes

Bunnies love to explore narrow spaces and it's surprising how small a gap they can squeeze through. It's important to block of access to these crawl spaces behind or under furniture where dangerous unfinished materials like nails and staples that could hurt your bunny. A simple way to do this is by placing some storage boxes under furniture, this can also help keep things you don't want chewed out of reach.

6) Pet gates make life a lot easier

bunny proofed pet gate
You can pick up a pet gate from any pet store. They are cheap and can be installed without modifying your home

Pet gates are a great way of restricting access to a room without leaving your bunny feeling shut out. They can also take the brunt of the damage if your bunny chews this area and are a lot cheaper to replace then the door itself. If it is a room you enter frequently they can also be a useful safety feature preventing instances of you unknowingly opening a door onto your bunny which can cause harm.

7) Re-purpose pet toys as bunny protection

door frame bunny protection
Some extra protection by using a willow bridge toy for bunny proofing

Bunnies like to chew on soft wooded material. They chew it to wear down their teeth and can even choose to eat wood as a source of roughage in their diet.

It can be impossible to keep an eye on your bunny all the time and it only take a moment for noticeable damage to be done if they decide your coffee table or door frames are on the menu, but you can limit the damage.

A simple way to protect these areas from being nibbled is to deploy some extra protection by shielding and there are lots of bunny toys that you can use such as hideaways or tubes. Willow bridge are also great for covering corners and table legs as they can be bent into a variety of shapes to suit your needs.

8) Make a fence with section of petpen

bunny fence room
It can often be a lot simpler to fence off a whole area of a room

If you want to be sure your bunny is not going to get to a valuable piece of furniture or an area with lots of power cords such as a computer desk it can be easier to fence of the area off with a few sections on pet pen.

These sections of wire grid can be lashed together with some cable ties or string and made into a fence that can screen off a whole area.

You can set them out as a free-standing fence in a zigzag pattern or lash then to the sides of a piece of furniture with some string. Some bunny moms even go as far as building a perimeter around a room to keep their bunny from reaching they wallpaper and base boards which can often be a target for unwanted chewing behavior. This can be a lot easier and safer than fully bunny proofing an area and can be packed away when not needed.

9) Keep your bunny in a constant supply of chew toys by recycling toilet roll tubes

Bunnies are always looking for something new to chew on however, the novelty of a new chew toys can run out quickly. An easy way to keep you bunny occupied is to re-purpose your toilet roll tubes when the roll ends. From simply stacking them up so your bunny can knock them down and toss them around to snuffing them with hay and hanging them down with bits of string the toys you can make are only limited by your imagination.

To help give you some ideas we have made a load of toilet roll toys and tried them out on our bunny to see what he thought of them. In this guide we show you step by step how we built them and give you our bunnies opinion of what he thought of them.