The Complete Guide to Bunny Proofing Your Carpet

How To Stop Bunnies Chewing Carpet

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It can be extreamly hard to stop your bunny chewing your carpet when this habit begins. Chewing is a natural instinct for bunnies and no matter how many times you tell them to stop their urge to chew will always return.

They have razor sharp teeth that can easily destroy carpet which can leave you with a costly repair bill or worse if they eat the carpet this can lead to a blockage which can make them very unwell.

In this practical guide to protecting your carpet from chewing we show you the many ways other bunny parents have found to bunny proof their carpet and avoid the damage.

We have some simple solutions for protecting smaller areas where damage is occurring.

We also have a guide to the best floor coverings commonly used to lay over carpet to protect it completely from chewing and stains.

We also have a guide to using bitter sprays and tips on how to apply taste deterrents for maximum effect.

So, if you do have a bunny that is a bit of a carpet chewer follow this guide and learn how to put a stop to carpet chewing with some effective bunny proofing.

How do I stop my rabbit chewing my carpet?

How to protect areas where your bunny chews your carpet

Carpet chewing can be a frequent problem with house bunnies. No matter how many times you say No! They will often return to the same spot which over time can cause a lot of damage.

This can often start in the corner of the room where the carpet can be easily tugged up and eaten or worse behind your couch or under furniture where the chewing may go undetected at first.

It's important to protect these areas of carpet and stop your bunny chewing and eating it wherever you first notice this behavior.

Not only to avoid costly repairs but more importantly because the synthetic material can be bad for your bunnies tummy, even causing a blockage which can make them very unwell.

Fortunately, there are some tried and tested ways pet bunny owners have found to protect their carpet and stop the damage where it occurs.

One simple way to offer some protection is to place something over the top of the area such as a heavy ornament. The weight of the object will help stop the carpet being tugged up and this will restrict access to this favored spot.

An alternative way to protect carpet some people have discovered is to lay a heavy ceramic tile over the area. Tiles are good as they are cheap, don't get in the way and fit nicely into corners. They can also be easily packed away when not needed.

A common solution to protect your carpet can be to place a cardboard box over the top. This will effectively stop your bunny getting to the carpet and hopefully give it something more fun to do instead of chewing your carpet.

You can fill this with fun stuff to chew and play with.

A way to discreetly cover an area in your home can be to put a rug down to cover it. If you can, it's best to choose a rug made from a natural material such as wool or cotton in case it gets eaten as well.

If you can rearrange your room, then moving a piece of furniture over the area can be a permanent way of protecting it.

Often bunnies will start chewing the carpet under furniture, beds or behind your couch so it can be best to block access to these areas where a problem is likely to start.

Simply fill the space with something you want to store there or some plastic storage boxes.

Spaced behind furniture or even parts of a room can also be blocked off easily with a fence made from a few sections of pet pen. These large sheets can be broken out of the pen and lashed to the sides of a piece of furniture or arranged together to make a free-standing fence.

Lastly, it is important to remember that chewing and digging is instinctive behavior for bunnies and they will always be on the lookout for new things to try to eat.

When you have protected a spot always provide your bunny with lots of safe and acceptable chewing and digging toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble to help stop this problem occurring somewhere else.

Simple products we recommend to help cover and protect carpet

What are the best bunny proofing hacks to protect my carpet?

The best ways of covering your carpet over and stop your bunny chewing it

If you want to be sure to stop your bunny chewing your carpet the most effective way to stop the damage is to cover it over completely.

This will protect the floor below not only from chewing and digging damage but will stop any urine stains or smells getting through and stop the general wear and tear from a bunnies daily destruction.

This can be especially useful if you have a room or night-time pen where your bunny spends a lot of time unsupervised.

This can also be the best way of ensuring you get your deposit back if you are keeping a bunny in rented accommodation.

It is often best to weigh down the corners to stop the rug being pulled up and the carpet uncovered.

An obvious way to cover your carpet and protect it is to simply lay down rugs or mats over the area of carpet you want to protect. It's best to choose a rug made from a natural material such as wool or cotton in case this gets chewed as synthetic material can cause a blockage to your bunnies digestion which is very dangerous.

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I buy the black plastic sheets from Home Depot. Tape down to protect carpet/hardwood floor from accidents. Then buy inexpensive carpet remnants to put on top. The remnants are cheap and easy to switch out as needed. I also put padding in since it is a hard wood floor and I want the buns to have cushions. I did actually wrap the padding in plastic too, cause momma bunny tends to pee in the corners.....That way I don't have to replace the padding too, only the carpet itself.

An obvious way to cover your carpet and protect it is to simply lay down rugs or mats over the area of carpet you want to protect. It's best to choose a rug made from a natural material such as wool or cotton in case this gets chewed as synthetic material can cause a blockage to your bunnies digestion which is very dangerous.

They are wipe clean, waterproof and are made from non-toxic materials. Always keep an eye on it to make sure your rabbit is not eating it as this could be bad for their tummies.

If you want to cover a larger area, you can always see if your local carpet store has any cheap roll ends. This can be a straightforward way of covering a whole room at a low cost. Try and avoid carpet with rubber backings and if you can a pure wool carpet would be ideal.

If you want to make sure no damage is done to the carpet underneath, then it can be helpful to position some plastic sheeting under the covering. This will stop any stains or odors from pee seeping through to the carpet below.

What to use to protect your carpet from bunny chewing

Floor coverings we recommend to protect your carpet

Whats is best way to cover my carpet and stop my bunny chewing it?

Using bitter sprays to stop your bunny chewing your carpet

Bitter sprays can be used to make chewing your carpet a little less appealing to your bunny.

Unfortunately, in most cases people find that it is not a single solution and works best alongside some of the other bunny proofing.

We suggest you avoid home-made taste deterrents that may be suggested to you such as perfume or chilly oil or soap as these can all be harmful to your bunny if they end up eating the carpet anyway.

We recommend using a recognized brand designed for bunnies to be sure it's safe.

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Remember you will need to keep reapplying it regularly as it will lose its effectiveness over time.

How do I tell my bunny off for eating carpet

bitter spray Bitter spray
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What is the best bitter spray to stop my bunny chewing the carpet?

What should I do if my bunny starts eating my carpet?

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If you discover your carpet is on the menu for your bunny you will need to cover it with something your bunny will leave alone or restrict access to this area.

Unfortunately, many of the synthetic material carpet is made of can cause digestive problems if eaten by your bunny. Long strands of indigestible string and foam backing can all cause your bunny to be unwell.