How to Bunny Proofing Your Curtains & Blinds

Why Does My Bunny Chew My Curtains?

naughty bunny hiding curtains Bunnies love playing behind curtains

It can be very frustrating if you need to keep jumping up to tell your bunny not to chew your curtains or blinds. So how do you let them know it is not allowed without causing stress and ending up with a grumpy bunny?

Set a firm boundary and provide lots of acceptable alternatives

The answer is to use a combination of gentle discipline to set firm boundaries and provide lots of acceptable alternatives to keep your bunny entertained and off the naughty list.

In this guide we show you the best way to gently discipline your bunny and have lots of ideas for toys that will keep your bunny busy.

How should I discipline my rabbit for chewing my curtains?

Why does my bunny keep hiding under my curtains

wild rabbit hiding

Bunnies are a prey species and in their natural habitat use areas of shelter to move around to stay under cover and keep safe.

Your bunny may like to run behind your curtains as this also makes them feel safe so keep a check on them to make sure the material is not being chewed especially at the ends where they like to pop in and out.

How to use gentle discipline to stop your bunny chewing your curtains

Bunnies have a strong natural instinct to adapt to their environment, usually by chewing things. If your bunny decides it wants to chew a hole in your curtains, then say a gentle but firm No! may prove successful in changing behavior. So here is a guide to getting discipline right without causing any stress.

The first thing to do is keep calm, you should never shout at or hit or scare your bunny. It could cause harm and is likely to make them timid or even aggressive towards you.

Only tell you bunny off when you catch them red handed. If you leave it too long afterwards, they may not understand.

When you want to tell your bunny off say their name firmly then a No! If they keep going back to it then take them away from the situation for a 5 minute and direct them towards some other toys.

A stronger deterrent is to keep a water mister to hand and then when you catch your bunny in the act of chewing your baseboards spray a cold mist over them. This may work well with some bunnies however some really do not seem to mind. Make sure the water mister is clean and only use the mist setting as squirting a jet of water may cause harm if hits them in the face.

water mister button Water mister

Toys to draw your bunny away from your curtains

bunny hanging chew toy Chew toys satisfy your bunnies need to shape their environment

Bunnies love to customize their environment especially if it's something they can do by chewing and eating it. Unfortunately, your curtains may lie right in your bunnies path so it is only natural for them to want to tailor it to suit them. One of the best ways to avoid this unwanted behavior is to keep them distracted elsewhere with some alternatives to chew on and explore. Hopefully with this and some other bunny roofing you can keep your bunny out of trouble.

In this guide we show you what the best toys are and how they can help.

If your bunny spends a lot of time around your curtains, they could be using it as a place to shelter where they feel safe. To encourage them away you can provide a better alternative such as a wooden shelter toy or a simple cardboard box. This will give your bunny somewhere to hide and play in so that they can also get their teeth into. Make sure you remove staples from the box, tape and avoid heavy print as you do not want your bunny eating this.

There are also loads of different tunnels and tent toys for bunnies. Bunnies tend to run around behind curtains where damage can build up undetected. Cloth tunnels are collapsible, lightweight and can be left out to encourage your bunny into the room. Try a few out and see if your bunny adopts one. When you find your bunny interfering with your curtains encourage them to play in their toy with a few treats instead.

Great toys to keep your bunny occupied and out of trouble

It's surprising what bunnies can eat and how much time they can give time munching through big patches of curtain material. Always make sure they have lots of stuff to chew on that is more fun. Favorite chew toys such as willow balls and grassy mats can all be used to distract your bunny away from your curtains. However, your bunny may choose their own go-to toy, so it is best to try a few out to see what works best. It can also help to swap the toys out occasionally to keep your bunny interested in them.