Indoor Bunny Enclosures To Give You Inspiration

Stan-Lee & Marv-El Laundry Room Bunny Enclosure

bunny proof enclosure laundry room

If you want to see how two super bunnies spend their time relaxing read how this laundry room was converted into a magnificent super-hero hideaway with a multi-level cage setup and an expanding gate for easy access.

Meet the bunnies

bunnies playing grassy hideaway

I have two Mini Rex black rabbits, 17 weeks (about 4 months) old. They are called Stan-Lee and Marv-El. They are best brothers, very affectionate to each other, snuggling up and grooming every day. Marv is slightly bigger and more confident, while Stan is slightly smaller and shyer, but follows his brother everywhere. They both come to me and my husband for short cuddles and jump up to us, especially if we have food! They can smell me peeling veg from a mile away and run straight to me feet to pester me especially if it is carrot peel or fresh herbs! They are waiting for me at 8:30 every morning for an egg cup of pellets each then they chill most of the day.

Super soft boys

black rex bunnies room

I work from home so I often check in on them for a cuddle mid-afternoon when I'm on a coffee break. I hadn't had pets since I was a kid but looked after my friend's rabbit a few months ago and just knew that I needed rabbits! I struggle with anxiety and depression and these super soft boys really, really help with that. I enjoy cleaning them out as it's therapeutic for me!

How the room is used

They have free roam of the rest of the extension room day and night (apart from the downstairs loo room!) The only time I had shut them in the cage was if I needed to have the doors open to the garden. Their all-time favorite place is on a wicker basket placed next to the radiator. They often sit on top of each other to make sure they can both have a butt against the heating when it's on!

How the room fits into the rest of the house

flexible bunny gate

We have a retractable baby gate between their room and the kitchen/rest of house. They are not allowed upstairs but every evening we open the gate so they can fully enjoy the ground floor under supervision! They love to chew so we have to have some chew toys in the lounge and kitchen when they are out.

Crazy binkies

They do crazy binkies and jumps in the living room when we are in their and love the deep pile rug! We have not had any toilet accidents in this room or on the rug for over a month now. We trained them not to use the rug as a toilet by rolling it up so they could not get on it in their first months. They seem to respect it now they are allowed on it and toilet trained in their own space.

Toys and enrichment

black rabbits chewing toy

The baby gate works really well. They have plenty of space on a tiled floor during the day and night and loads of toys out to chew. Their favorite toy is a rolling ball that lets one pellet at a time. They will be neutered in the next couple of months so I'm interested to see how that affects their behavior.

Other pets

We don’t have other pets. I have 20 stick insects in the rabbit room but I'm pretty sure Stan and Marv haven't noticed them!!