Indoor Bunny Enclosures To Give You Inspiration

Cider & Ruby's Bunny Enclosure With a Real Wooden Fence

bunny enclosure wood fence Check out Cider and Ruby luxury enclosure.

Having grown tired of the square grid look, Cider and Ruby got upgraded to this luxury pad with a clothesline to clip herbs on and a latched gate for easy access.

Cider (male) and Ruby (female), are 2-year old Holland lops who reside in New Jersey, USA. They are both fixed, and good-natured rabbits, except when it is mealtime! They go nuts over their greens/veggies (breakfast and dinner) and also any pellet snacks or treats.

Who lives in this amazing space?

Cider is our noisy boy, who is interested in anything that is going on in the room, whether we are just sweeping up, or the vacuum is running, or the girls are playing (we have 3 human kids as well). He is also a pro flopper and takes some serious naps.

Ruby is our messy girl, who has crazy fuzzy fur, and forgets her toilet training regularly, but she is as sweet as can be and tolerates her extra grooming quite well.

How the enclosure was built

They don't destroy the baseboards, or walls, or furniture in the room. They do however, like chewing on the untreated pine that their hay rack, resting crate, and enclosure, are made from. The entire pen is created out of untreated pine slats and assembled with a nail gun and screwed into the walls.

It has a latched gate that allows us easy access for cleaning, and also allows us to enclose the rabbits at night or when the whole family is in their space for holiday gatherings (these are the only times they are locked-in. Because they are free roam all day, they don't try to escape too much, although they have both done it.

The flooring is tile, which they love in the summer months to keep cool, even though the room has air conditioning. As the weather turns cooler, we add mats and rugs to put a barrier between them and the cold floor.

The room does not have heat (it is an enclosed sunroom), so we are looking to add a heating element to keep the chill off in the dead of winter which members of the Bunny proofing group were very helpful with their suggestions! We already have a heating pad from our passed outdoor cat, so we'll start with that.

pair mini lops brown harlequin Cider and Ruby, Holland lops

What's in the enclosure

The enclosure includes their hay rack, water bottles, and litter pan. It also has a crate for resting in and for perching on top. There is also another soft hidey house/bed.

Cider's favorite thing is the clothesline that contains clips where we dangle extra herbs or treats from time to time. We really love the space, so we are hoping not to relocate it during the winter months, as we did last year. We only built the enclosure this past spring after tiring of the look of the square grid wall-look.