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Tour Meekos Custom Made Multi Level Bunny Enclosure

meekos custom bunny enclosure Meeko, he is a 6 month old Mini lop

Who lives there?

Meet Meeko, he is a 6 month old Mini lop.

He is shy towards people, playful with cats and dogs.

meeko bunny Meeko love playing outside

How the enclosure was built

I got a 4ft x 4ft cage. Then I got four 2' x 8' board kind of things from Lowe's they were like eight dollars each, I think. Then have you ever been in an old person's house, and they had like wood around the walls. If you walk around Lowes you'll see it it's a huge 4 ft x 8 ft board and it looks like a legit wood floor it was $10 and Lowes will cut things for you so I had them Cut it in half and then I kept one full 4 x 4 half And then the other half I cut in half so it was 2 x 4. I don't know if you got that same cage that I had but I base my measurements off that cage.

building meekos custom bunny enclosure The roof can be sealed to make his enclosure escape proof

They also sell turf Welcome mats at job lot so I got 2 black and two green because they only had two green And they had other colors like pink and blue and orange.

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