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Tour Edison's Pet Pen Bunny Enclosure

edisons pet pen bunny enclosure Meet Edison the 2 year old English Spot

Who lives here?

Edison is an approximately 2 year old English Spot who has been with us since Feb 2019. He was supposed to be a foster for 8 weeks (about 2 months). I failed! 3 weeks after returning him to the shelter, I went to visit him and realized that I missed him too much. I brought him back home that very day.

He is a character, and we cannot get enough of him!! He does not like to be held but he shows his affection by jumping into my lap and giving me bunny kisses on my nose every time he sees me. He loves his Small Pet Select treats and an occasional cranberry (I call cranberries bunny crack!) He responds to basic commands such as Edison up Edison pen time or Edison bedtime. He is so smart!

edisons bunny enclosure

The Living World cage was his shelter cage and where he was litter trained. I intended to only leave it temporarily, but he still spends time in it, so the cage remains. His litter box and hay rack are still in there. The bottom is covered with a baby crib sheet. He often stretches out in there to rest. The door is always open.

bunny pen digging box

How the enclosure was built

His full enclosure is made up from the panels from 2 dog X-pens joined together. They are 30 inches high. Fortunately, he does not try to jump them, so I have not had to escape proof it. The pen is easily accessible for me to clean. The height is enough to keep him from jumping out but is also easy for me to step over.

The flooring is an indoor/outdoor rug. He has an IKEA doll bed which he uses every night. He also has a corner castle and castle tunnel from Small Pet select. The tunnel is his favorite place to hide/sleep at midday. There is also a cardboard box hidey house, covered with a baby blanket. He likes to jump on top of this as well as hide under. He has had this box since we first got him. For some reason he doesn't chew this one!

bunny jumping out pen

How the enclosure fits into the house and daily routines

This enclosure is in a former studio at the back of our house. Eventually we hope to totally bunny proof the entire room so that he can have the whole thing, but for now he gets free roaming time for at least a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening. Mid-day is his favorite nap time, so we do not bother him then. :) I have a bunny cam so we can check on him throughout the day and can go let him out when he is ready.

Around his enclosure is an open border so that when he is out free roaming, he can run all around his enclosure. We call it the bunny racetrack.

Some of his favorite toys are baby stacking cups and baby keys. He also loves to bowl when we stack empty 12 oz (about 350ml) water bottles.