Indoor Bunny Enclosures To Give You Inspiration

Tour This Luxury Dual Bunny Enclosure With Wooden Castles

If you want to see what the bunny good life looks like take a look at this luxury setup. We are talking beds, tone of toys, masses of room and a castle. Just wow!

large bunny room bed castle bonding

Meet the bunnies

trio bunnies bed

Harvey, Seal point dwarf (3.5 years old). Tess, Lop cross (2 years old). Chai, Mini lop (9 months old). We adopted bonded pair. Harvey and Tess from Runaway Rabbit Orphanage in early July and fell in love with Chai from Freedom for Farmed Rabbits in Oct. It was perfect timing as we were moving to our own apartment, so we sent Harvey and Tess to bond with Chai for 5 nights. We had separation anxiety, but it was worth it. They bonded instantly and were never separated after initial introduction.

bunny bed seal point dwarf

Buddy, Seal point dwarf (8 years old). We adopted Buddy a week ago from Runaway Rabbit Orphanage. He was surrendered by his family a few days before we picked him up. Harvey is the most chilled amongst them all. He had his incisor removed but he eats well, we just need to shred his salad or treats into bite sized and he loves his bananas and treats. He does not like the cold floor and will not step on it. He loves kisses but is not too fond of cuddles. We are working on it.

Tess is very protective of Harvey when they first came and making sure Harvey is all right. Since Chai came along, she has become even more loving and affectionate. Chai and Tess are inseparable, and she is always grooming him, all the time, even when he is asleep. She is also friendly with Buddy and shares kisses through the fence.

Chai is the most relaxed of them all. Being the baby, he is the most spoilt. He flops anywhere and loves sliding on the floor to flop. Very mischievous and inquisitive, this little boy just melts our heart with his cheekiness.

We don't know much about Buddy apart from his age, but he loves being cuddled, which is a bonus! He eats well and likes to explore the apartment.

Where they all live

bunny room bed castle

Our apartment has an open plan design which works perfectly! The dining area and part of the living area are for our bunnies.

The trio and Buddy live in separate pens next to each other and they seem to adapt and accept each other very well. The trio are free to roam in the living room and our bedroom, and Buddy in the kitchen area; except when we are at work. On workdays, they are free roaming from 6pm till the next morning. We also let them out in our undercover courtyard with supervision when the weather persists.

The enclosure

bunny room tv castle bed

We use 16 panel Heavy duty fence with 2 gates for the enclosure. Bought them off eBay at a reasonable price. They are very sturdy for indoors and outdoors area.

When they are free to roam, we simply lift /unlatch one panel and move the fence to close off the kitchen area. We have tiles in the kitchen and dining area and carpet elsewhere. We use no backing vet beds or fleece blankets with towels (and picnic rug on carpet) underneath in case of any accidents. We leave some uncovered tiles area as Chai and Tess loves to flop on the cold floor.

I love the vets beds without the rubber backing as they are light, soft, easy to wash and dry quickly. In case of any accident, it keeps the surface dry too.

I surface clean and vacuum every day and change the litter tray on alternate days. But I do a major clean up every Saturday, change the vet bed, towels and blankets, clean the floor with water and vinegar.

We are lucky that Our bunnies have not jumped the fence, nor chew furniture.


bunny enclosure bonding fence

We added castle with tower and ramps bridges and tunnels from Rabbit Toys Australia where we live. The castle items are interchangeable, which makes it more fun to play!

We also have a massive size custom built litter tray / hay feeder from Bunny Business Australia to accommodate the trio and enough space to add another bun too. Totally love it as it makes cleaning easier and less messy too. They also love the apple dumbbells and willow wreaths and willow balls to chew on. Their beds are from IKEA, and I added on folded blanket to make it comfortable.

Harvey's favorite spot is the castle, Tess and Chai love sleeping under the tunnel. Buddy loves hiding in the tower. At night after treats, the trio love to lay in front of the tv. Since Buddy came, we had to change the set up to accommodate 2 separate pens.