How to Bunny Proofing Your House Plants

How to Stop Your Bunny Digging in Your Plant Pots

bunny digging plant pot Bunnies love digging in things and if you don't keep your plant pots out of reach, they will always be tempted to play in them

In the wild digging in soil is essential for bunnies survival so not only does your bunny have an instinctive urge to dig they are also naturally very good at it. If your bunny can get to the soil in your plant pots, then it is likely they are going to want to play there, and you should not be surprised when you discover a mess has been caused by the soil being flung about. Not only can this cause damage to your floor. The soil could also contain materials that are contaminated with plant food and pesticides that your bunny may eat so it is important to bunny proof your plants to make the soil off limits.

The first thing you should consider doing is moving your plans out of reach. Place it on a solid shelf or piece of furniture well out of reach as you do not want your bunny to tug on it and for it to topple on them. Remember bunnies are good climbers to check they cannot find another way to get to them. If you water your plants from the base, make sure this is out of reach also in case your bunny drinks the water as it can be contaminated with plant food.

Another way to stop digging is to cover the soil with a layer of something. Home store stores sell a range of products used to help prevent moisture evaporation such as decorative stones or shells as these can be used to cover the soil.

If your bunny does seem to love digging in things, then it can be a good idea to give them a safe and acceptable alternative to satisfy this need to burrow and forage. A digging box can be a wonderful way of letting them exercise this type of behavior and will keep your bunny entertained for hours.

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How do I stop my rabbit digging in my plant pots?