The Complete Guide to Bunny Proofing Your Furniture

Why Does My Bunny Chew My Furniture?

naughty bunny chew table leg Bunny proofing techniques to stop your bunny chewing your furniture

If you live with a bunny that likes to chew things you will know just how much damage can be done to the soft wooded edges of your furniture if left unchecked. Starting with rounding the corners off chair or table legs or chewing at the side of a coffee table and dressers, in time this can build up and you can find your home looking very tatty.

Bunnies have a varied diet which includes many things we would normally consider inedible. Unfortunately, many of the materials the furniture in your home is made of is on the menu. These items can receive quite a munching as your bunny goes about its daily business of wearing down their teeth and looking for some interesting non-digestible fiber to supplement their diet.

Simple bunny proofing techniques to stop your bunny chewing your furniture

It is important to learn to control your bunnies natural urges and in this guide we cover what discipline techniques can be used to gently dissuade them.

We also show you the best ways to enrich your home with acceptable alternatives that will keep your bunny out of trouble.

If you want to avoid any of these problems, then read on for the insider's guide to keeping your furniture looking neat.

How should I discipline my rabbit for chewing my wooden furniture?

How to gently tell your bunny off for chewing your furniture

When you catch your bunny having a casual chew on your furniture it's important to be able to let them know you don't want them to do it. Using the right amount of gentle discipline can help guide your bunny towards behavior you want, like munching a chew toy. Use this guide to make sure you are prepared and in control.

Only use discipline when you catch your bunny in the act or any telling off will be wasted. If it's a second afterwards they won't associate the punishment with what they are doing, and it will be wasted.

Never shout at, scare, or hit your bunny as this sort of overreaction won't discourage them and in the long run can make them timid, antisocial or even aggressive towards you.

When you want to tell your bunny off say their name firmly then a No! Then if they keep going back to the spot, take them away from the situation and lead them to something that will distract them.

A stronger deterrent can be to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your bunny in the act, spray a mist of cold water over them. Never squirt or spray water directly at them.

water mister button Water mister

The best toys to keeping your bunnies away from chewing your wooden furniture

The best toys to keep you bunny away from your wooden furniture

When your bunny is roaming your home, they like to explore things typically by chewing them at least once. They may even see some of the soft wooden furniture as food. In which case over time substantial damage can build up. You can't stop this natural behavior so it's important to provide lots of acceptable alternatives to eat and play with to keep them away from furniture where damage can be done.

Keep a regular supply of chew toys like willow balls, grassy mats and other soft woody toys to tempt your bunny away from things you don't want them to chew. Remember to replace these frequently as they will lose their novelty and appeal.

willow grassy ball bunny toy button Woven chew balls for rabbits

Bunnies tend to seek out places of shelter in a room and if this is under your furniture you can bet in a short time the soft wooden edges will be nibbled off. If you want to avoid this damage is to provide alternatives for you bunny to explore, and rest play in.

Wooden shelters can give your bunny a solid base in a room and with some encouragement can become the chosen area to relax. Hopefully chewing the shelter will provide a distraction from other wooden edges.

Tunnels and tents can be ideal for giving your bunny some shelter and keeping them away from furniture at the edge of the room. You can bring them out when your bunny is in a room where furniture could be damaged and pack them away when you are done.

tunnel warren bunny toy button 3 way collapsible rabbit tunnel

Free toys

You can satisfy this urge to chew your furniture by giving them a cardboard box to play with instead. Start it off with a hole in the side and leave it out for your bunny to explore. They will enjoy chewing away at it and customizing it to their exact requirements.

Many bunny parents find toilet roll tubes make a great and endless supply of toys. Don't throw them away, Just leave them out for your bunny will enjoy munching and tossing about. If you don't mind some mess you can make these even more fun by stuffing them with hay or other goodies.

cardboard castle bunny toy button Cardboard rabbit house
black bunny playing box
Bear from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
Bear loves playing in his box, you can see how annoyed he is that I have disturbed him