How to make your couch safe for your bunny to play on

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bunny balance couch
Some bunnies love to jump on and climb about the couch

Bunnies just like other pets like to find their spot on the couch, but where sharing your couch differs from cats and dogs is the types of danger it can put them in if you're not careful. Follow this simple guide to learn how you and your family can make sure your couch is a safe place for your bunny to play.

See our tips on how to make it a bit safer for your bunny to jump on and off your couch.

Safety rules to guide you and your family

See our list of safety rules to guide you and your family when you bunny is around the couch.

We also take a look at what to do if you have a rocking chair or a couch with a relying mechanism and you are worried about your bunnies safety.

Don't take any chances, keep the advice in this guide in mind a keep your couch and bunny safe.

Make sure it's safe for our bunny to jump on and off your couch

Some bunnies love to jump on and climb about the couch, unfortunately bunnies also tent to leap before the look which can lead to an accident if you are unprepared for this to happen. Make sure you and your family follow these simple bunny proofing safety rules to avoid an mishaps or harm when your bunny comes out.

Bunnies are good climbers and like to jump on the seat and even the back of couches which is why scattering loose cushions can be dangerous if your bunny loses its footing on them and falls. Its best to keep cushions to a minimum and avoid stacking them up or placing them on the back top or at the front of the seat.

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If you have a hard surface under your couch like a wooden floor or tiles, then its best to try and soften the landings where your bunny jumps down or may fall by putting a rug down. This can make it a lot kinder on your bunnies paws but is especially helpful if your bunny has a habit of slipping of the edge of the couch from time to time.

Make sure coffee tables are pushed back and other furniture or ornaments are moved away from the couches edge so if your bunny does jump or slide off, they won't crash into them on the way down.

bunny playing cushion couch
Make sure your couch is safe when your bunny jumps about on it

Never leave anything on your couch that your bunny can get to

bunny chewed remote controls
Never leave your remote control unguarded on your couch

Bunnies will often leap on to your couch without knowing what is in the way of their landing so it's best to get into the habit of not leaving anything on the seat that could cause harm. Always keep sharp objects like scissors or knives and folks or glass ware off the seat and never put hot food and drink down that could be knocked over as it only take a second for a situation to unfold and an accident to happen.

Never leave TV remotes controls, earphone, phones, books magazines or bags out on the couch unless you want them to be your bunnies next snack. Not only could this be costly, if its chewed the materials could also hurt your bunnies tummy if eaten.

Make rocking chairs and recliners off limits

No matter how conscientious you are rocking chairs will always be a danger around an unsuspecting bunny, trapping their feet or crushing them underneath. Its best place rocking chairs in a room that is off limits.

bunny couch cushion
Be careful not to scatter to many cushions as the could cause your bunny to lose its footing

Couches or armchairs with moving parts such as reclining mechanisms are also unsuitable if your bunny has free roam in a room with them in. Not only can your bunny become trapped in the moving parts and badly hurt they can easily find a way inside where they can become stuck and hurt themselves.

Couches or armchairs that have power cables can be dangerous is you bunny chews them and any wires leading up to them will need bunny proofing as well.

Bunny proof check list

  • Don't stack up cushions on your couch which can cause your bunny to slip and fall.
  • Never leave sharp objects, glass or hot food or drinks on your couch in case your bunny jumps up and hurts itself.
  • Soften the landing on hard surfaces around your couch where your bunny jumps down by putting a rug down.
  • Move rocking chairs to an area where you bunny does not roam freely to avoid accidents.
  • Couches or armchairs with moving parts are unsuitable as bunnies can get trapped in them and hurt or find their way inside.
  • Never leave TV remotes, phones, magazines, or bags out on the couch as they will be chewed.