How to stop your bunny chewing your baseboards

bunny chewed baseboard
Get bunny proofing before your baseboards end up on the menu

The soft wooden edges of your baseboards can be irresistible to a bored bunny and it only takes a few nibbles for noticeable damage to be done. Over time a bunny on a mission can do a lot of damage.

Bunnies spend a lot of time foraging around the edge of a room so it can be impossible to guard them all the time which is why bunny proofing is the only way to keep them safe and your home looking neat.

In this guide we show you some quick and easy ways to protect troubled spots like using a ceramic tile to cover an area until you can refocus attention on a more suitable alternative.

We also show you how to add permanent types of protection such as plastic corner guards and how to stop wooden steps getting chewed and how bitter spray can be used to help tackle this problem.

How to stop wooden steps getting chewed

If you bunny is a bit of a chewer then here is everything you need to know to stop the chewing damage.

How do I stop my rabbit from chewing my baseboards?

  • Rest a ceramic tile over a trouble spot to quickly protect it.
  • Protect soft wooden edges from being chewed by installing some tough plastic corner guards.
  • Wooden steps can be protected with anti-slip mats or edging strips.
  • Applying bitter sprays can make the taste a lot less appealing.

How to use a tile or cardboard box to stop your bunny chewing your baseboards

Problems spots where your bunny has chewed your baseboards can pop up anywhere especially around door frames or areas where you bunny sits.

As soon as you notice a spot developing its best to try and stop it quickly before it develops.

willow bridge baseboard bunny protection
Repurposed bunny toys used to stop chewing

An easy way to add some temporary protection is to prop up a few ceramic tiles against the areas your bunny has taken an interest in.

They are heavy enough to stay in place and can be easily packed away when not needed.

Willow bridges, a cheap toy found in pet stores can be another useful way of protecting baseboards.

They can even be bent into an L shape to follow the edge of a baseboard around a corner.

A cardboard box can be another great way to protect a trouble spot. Simply place it over the area being damaged.

Make sure you weigh down the box by placing something heavy inside.

Bunnies can be surprisingly strong when they want to get to something they want to chew.

willow bridge bunny toy

Willow bridge

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How to permanently protect your baseboards from bunny chewing damage

bunny proof baseboard cover
Bunny mom From our facebook group
Just wanted to share this baseboard hack with you all! Maybe this will help some of you! I bought these plastic baseboards at Home Depot for about $3-4 a 6ft piece, stuck some Velcro and voila. Easy to clean, easy on the eye and best of all BUN PROOF (even for my smartest bun) he will chew on them a bit but I don't think it's as satisfying of a crunch as baseboards so he leaves them be for the most part. Bun mom 1, Bun 32.

If you want to make sure your baseboards will not be chewed it's best to try and protect them permanently with something chew proof.

An ideal way to do this is to install some corner guards. These strips of L shaped plastic can be found in most home stores and can be easily cut to length using a craft knife and attached with some sticky pads. They come in a wood color, white and clear so you will be able to match it with your baseboards.

Another way people go about stopping their baseboard being chewed is to build a small fence around the outside of the room with some sections of office storage cubes.

naughty bunny water mister
Ozric From our facebook group
Some bunnies won't take NO! for an answer

These foot square grids come in packs of 12 and can be easily tied together in a long series with the small cable ties that get supplied with them.

This fence can then be set out a short distance from the edge of the room leaving just enough gap to make the baseboards unreachable.

What is the best bitter spray to stop your bunny chews your baseboards

Bitter sprays can be helpful if you are battling to stop your bunny chewing your baseboards but don't expect this to stop the problem in itself as you may find your bunny more than prepared to put up with a bad taste.

What is the best things to use to protect your baseboards from bunny chewing

  • Plastic corner guards
  • Decorative baseboard covers
  • A ceramic tile rested up against it
  • Cardboard box
  • Repurposed Willow bridge bunny toy
  • Wire grids or pet pen fence
  • Bitter spray
bunny chewed baseboard door frame
Peter and Parsnip From our facebook group
How do I get them to stop this? My bonded pair free roam (and have for months) but lately have been interior decorating and chewing up the walls.

How do I tell my bunny off for chewing my baseboards

  • Only tell your bunny No! when you catch them in the act or they may not know why you are telling them off.
  • Never scare or shock your bunny to try and stop them chewing your baseboards, stress can make them unfriendly towards you.
  • Never hit your bunny or push them away, they don't respond well to physical punishment and you could hurt them very easily.

Avoid homemade remedies that may be suggested to you such as perfume or chilly oil or soap as these can be harmful to your bunny and instead use a product designed for bunnies.

clear wall corner guard
Add a bit of protection with some corner guards
bitter spray

Bitter spray

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How to stop your bunny chewing your wooden steps and banisters

aluminium corner guard step
George and Jeremy From our facebook group
Aluminum angle strip from Bunnings. My new best friend

Damage from your bunny chewing your wooden steps or the edges of your wooden banisters can also be a common problem for free roaming house bunnies.

Fortunately, there are lots of home improvement solutions that can be repurposed as bunny proofing that are designed to stop wear and tear.

Most home stores stock a range of corner protectors for steps that are cheap and can be fitted without needing extensive DIY skills or tools.

These range from anti slip mats that lip over the edge to aluminum edging that can be fitted as a permanent solution.

Banister rails can be fenced off with sections of wire grids or sections of pet pen fencing.

Why does my bunny eat my baseboards

wild rabbit chewing twig

Rabbits love to chew on soft wood as it helps wear down and sharpen their teeth, which constantly grow throughout their lives. They also chew soft wooden materials as a source of dietary fiber which makes up most of their diet.

Baseboards are not only made of soft wood with easy to nibble corners they also lie at just the right height for your rabbit to stubble into so unfortunately, they often end up on the menu.