How to Bunny Proofing Your Doors & Door Frames

Why Pet Gates Are the Ultimate Bunny Proofing Hack

large bunny proofed pet gate
Stew, Shadow and Willow from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
I made my own using burlap lol it's what I had at my house, and it's worked so far.

When you live with a house bunny there are going to be times when you need to restrict access to a room or through a doorway to your bunny. This is where many bunny parents have discovered using a pet gate can come in very handy.

In this guide we show you how a bunny gate can be used to help make areas of your home off limits, like a kitchen where your bunny could get underfoot, a bedroom where you bunny has a habit of peeing on your bed or a door leading outside to prevent an escape.

We also have a guide to the different types of bunny gate and how people have modified them with mesh to stop their bunnies sneaking through them.

Can I use a pet get for a rabbit?

What the best sort of pet gate to use for a bunny

custom bunny gate
George from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
We personalised George's gate - as you can tell, he's very impressed.

You can pick up a pet gate from any pet store. They are cheap and can be installed without modifying your home or the need for home improvement skills.

Make sure you use something designed for pets as although baby gates are similar the bars can be spaced out wide enough for a small bunny to squeeze through.

Try and find one that locks in an open as well as a closed position as this can help when you want your bunny to come in and out.

pet gate button Pet gate with door

Can bunnies use pat gates?

Pet gates are a definite help when you have a free roaming bunny. With a pet gate, you can leave the door open to where your bunny is and keep an eye on them. This can also help stop your bunny getting frustrated listening to you in the next room which can lead to them chewing and scratching at the door and any chewing will instead be taken out on the gate.

If you have every opened a door on your bunnies paws you will know how bad this can make you feel so being able to see your bunny through a pet gate before you go into a room can make coming and going easier as bunnies do have a habit of sitting the other side of a door if they hear you coming.

They are especially helpful with family members or guests that are not familiar with bunnies as they automatically swing shut preventing breakouts.

solid mesh bunny gate
Loki from the Bunny proofing Facebook group
I have a gate like lionhead/dwarf can't get out. I got tired of climbing baby gates...