How to use a water mister to train and discipline your bunny

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A water mister can help stop naughty behavior
bunny water mister discipline

It can be very frustrating if your bunny develops a persistent problem like chewing your baseboards, carpet, wallpaper or furniture. This is where some bunny parents have found a blast of water from a mister can help persuade your bunny to stop.

The idea being the cold mist will firstly stop your bunny doing whatever it was doing, then hopefully the association of this happening every time they start up again will make them choose something else to do instead.

How to use a water mister to punish your bunny

  • Only ever use the mist setting NOT the water jet setting as this can scare or hurt your bunny.
  • Only use this mister when you catch your bunny in the act or they will not understand.
  • Do not soak your rabbit with the spray, some bunnies don't seem to mind this.
  • Never shout at or chase your bunny away as this can make them antisocial

Take a look at this guide for the do's and don'ts of this discipline technique.

bunny stop chewing water mister
Learn how to set boundaries and use simple training and gentle discipline to stop your bunnies unwanted behavior.

Only ever use the mist setting NOT the water jet setting if it has one. If you blast your bunny with a jet of water this could not only be harmful if you catch areas around the eyes, nose or ears, but it will also be stressful and your rabbit could develop aggressive behavior towards you or become antisocial and timid.

Only use discipline when you catch your bunny in the act or any telling off will be wasted. If it's a second afterwards they won't associate the punishment with what they are doing.

It can also be tricky to get close enough when they are in the act as they may be wary of you approaching with something in your hand so it is best to sneak up on them.

Do not soak your rabbit, if they don't move when you try this you may want to try something else.

As you are doing this say a firm No as they associate this word with punishment and then lead them towards something better to do.

You can pick up a water mister from most gardening shops very cheaply, if you are repurposing something make sure it does not have any chemical residue in it from a previous use.

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There's no bunny proofing against flip flops right?
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