How to stop your bunny chewing electrical cables

It is important for your bunnies health and happiness that you share lots of time together, for most people this involves relaxing at home in front of the TV or on-line with your bunny roaming in the room.

Unfortunately, these electrical devices and their power leads can be very dangerous, even deadly if your bunny chews them unaware of the danger.

The only safe way to share your home with your bunny is to take the time to fully bunny proof all the electrical devices and cables

The soft plastic insulation around a power cables offers no protection from a bunnies razor sharp teeth that are perfect for chewing through tough roots and shoots and if their wet mouth comes into contact with the wires inside they can receive a severe shock.

The crawl spaces around the back of your TV or stereo center can be especially dangerous for a curious bunny that can go unnoticed there until it is too late.

Unfortunately it can be very hard to train your bunnies not to chew on electrical cables, they have a strong natural drive which easily overtakes them and the constant distraction of you having to repeatedly jump up and say NO! can mean the time you do spend with them becomes more of an annoyance

The only safe way to share your home with your bunny is to take the time to fully bunny proof all the electrical devices and cables and here we show you how by simply moving some of your furniture around to cleverly hide power cables or by invest in some plastic pipe to wrap around more exposed cables you can make you home safe.

We also have some great tips and tricks from veteran bunny owners on how to block of crawl spaces around your TV. So, don't wait for an accident to happen get bunny proofing so you can relax with your bunny roaming freely without having to unplug everything first.

bunnies chewed wires
It only takes your back to be turned for a moment for the damage to be done

Clever ways to hide electrical cables that trail around you room from your bunny using just your furnture

The easiest way to stop your bunny chewing the electrical cables in your home is to make some simple changes to the way your furniture is laid out to make them less accessible. By arranging furniture and electrical devices together you can limit the amount of exposed electrical cables your bunny can reach and greatly improve safety.

Move furniture with lamps or other electrical devices directly in front of plug sockets so you can lead the electrical cables from the plug to conceal them. Make sure you push the furniture up against the wall to trap the cable and prevent any access as bunnies like to explore these gaps.

Move furniture closer together to help trail cables over the top of them or behind to keep them out of reach.

Remember bunnies are good climbers and can jump from place to place so make sure you move everything out the way that could provide an alternative route for your bunny to get to exposed cables.

bunny behind couch wire
Push your furniture up against the wall to trap the cable and prevent access
Truffles From our facebook group
This face may look innocent, but this is the face of evil, trusted them to run around outside of their run and come back to find truffles has chewed straight through their BunnyCam cable. Wire? No, just spicy hay.

Pet pen and office storage grid fencing, the ultimate hack when it comes to bunny proofing electricals

Fully bunny proofing all the electrical devices and electrical cables in a room can be a massive task to undertake and sometime this can make it hard for you to access and use these devices yourself. A better way to manage areas with lots of electrical devices in it is to simply fence them off.

A better way to manage areas with lots of electrical devices is to simply fence them off

To do this take a regular pet pen and simply join the sections of sheets together as fencing using the clips provided. If you set them out in a zigzag pattern this can even be free standing.

If you have a computer desks or stacks of stereo equipment, create a fence that will screen off the whole area. Making sure the ends are secure so your bunny can't force its way around.

Fencing can also be used to block access to crawl space that lead to plugs like under furniture or behind an appliance. You can build a low fence using section of an office cube storage system. These can be lashed in place with some string.

Installing a baby gate across a door to an area with lots of electrical equipment such as a utility room can be a great way of blocking of access and still allowing you to nip in and out whilst keeping an eye on you bunny.

Avoid using cardboard as fencing as bunnies like to eat this and will eventually break through.

pet pen fence
Fencing of an area can make sharing you home a lot easier.
Peanut From our facebook group
Our Google home mini cord was the first victim of this little rascal as soon as we came home last month. Lesson learned!

How to stop your bunny going behind your TV and chewing the electrical cables

Bunnies love to explore and no amount of saying No! will keep them out of forbidden areas like behind your TV when your back is turned. It's best to always block these areas off entirely so the nest of electrical cables they contain are permanently out of harms reach.

A simple way to do this is to keep all your TV and audio equipment together in a cabinet. Cabinets with glass doors are ideal as this will let you keep the doors shut and still use your remote controls.

Avoid blocking in the sides with cardboard as this will not last very long and may even encourage your bunny to play this area.

If your bunny makes it a mission to try and go behind the TV you can help refocus this natural need to explore by providing some safe and acceptable alternative such as tunnel toys, tents or even a cardboard castle to help keep them out of trouble.

wires behind tv
Always block of access behind your TV.

How to stop your bunny chewing your electrical cables using the split length tubing hack

Sometimes it is hard to avoid wires that stretch across your room or to your appliances on a shelves or furniture top. A simple, convenient, and cheap way you can protect them is by slipping the electrical cables inside a length of tough plastic piping or split length tubing as it often called.

This piping can be purchased from most DIY stores. It is tough and just flexible enough but can be bent around corners. You can often find brands of pipe that has already been split along its length, if not you will need to cut it along its length yourself.

To install it first cut the tubing to the correct length then you can simply slip the wire inside along the split without having to take the plug off. You can make is safer by securing the ends with some tape in case your bunny tugs at it leaving the electrical cables inside exposed.

split length tubing
Protect electrical cables by slipping them inside some split length tube.

Stop your bunny chewing electrical cables perminantly by fitting box conduit

Plastic conduit is an ideal solution if you want to add some permanent bunny proof to your home. The tough strips of boxing or piping can be mounted on a wall above your baseboards and electrical cables that would otherwise lead around the edges of the room can be hidden away inside, keeping them safe.

Make sure you not only fit them around the room but also leading down from plug sockets then up the wall behind furniture where electrical devices are so once the electrical cables inside are safely out of reach.

They are relatively cheap and can be purchased from most DIY stores and can be installed with a minimal of effort. The soft plastic can be easily trimmed to size and these systems typically come with a variety of corners and junctions that making it easy to assemble.

hiding wires conduit
Permanent bunny proofing fitted around the room

Top tips to keep your electrical cables and phone chargers safe before your bunny chews them

bunny chewed ipad
Finds a place to charge your phone or iPad out of reach

Bunnies are always on the lookout for something to chew so it's best to keep one step ahead of them by following these simple rules.

Get in the habit of leaving gadgets that need chargers somewhere out of the way by finding a permanent place for them to live that is out of reach like on a kitchen worktop. We tend to give these devices a lot of attention so when you back is turned you can expect your bunny to be curious, and by curious I mean have a quick chew on it.

Find a safe place to put bunny when ironing, hovering, or using a hair dryer or other appliances. It only takes a moments distraction for the damage to be done. Bunnies also tend to have a habit of getting under foot so tucking them away can help keep you and bunny safe.

Always keep batteries, especially small ones out of reach. If your bunny accidentally eats one of these it could kill your bunny.

Never rely on make-shift or cardboard fencing or bitter sprays to stop your bunny chewing electrical cables. Most veteran bunny owners will tell you these things simply do not work and it's only a matter of time before you are going to have to find a permanent solution anyway, so don't take any chances and bunny proof everything thoroughly.

Rex From our facebook group
Rex killed Alexa. He doesn’t look to guilty. I fished him out from behind the couches with a treat... it was to easy. Now, did I feed him the treat or not? I can’t remember.

Bunny proof check list

  • Never allow your house rabbit access to unprotected power cable
  • Arrange you home so plug sockets are hidden behind furniture then trail power cable out of reach to make them inaccessible
  • Remember bunnies are good climbers so make sure you move everything out the way that could provide an alternative route
  • A better way to manage areas with lots of electrical devices in it is to simply fence them off with a few sections from a pet pen.
  • Never rely on carboard to block off an area as your bunny could chew its way through.
  • Make sure your bunny can't get into the space behind your TV by blocking it off
  • Protect exposed power cables behind fencing, in split length tubing or wall conduit
  • Set up a charging station to use regularly for phones where they cannot be reached to avoid accidents
  • Put your bunny somewhere secure when using curling tongs ironing or vacuuming
  • Always keep batteries that could be eaten out of reach

Did you know

We ask the question why bunnies love chewing electrical cables so much?

wild rabbit eating flowers

Rabbits have razor sharp teeth that they use to chew through tough roots and shoots. They do this not only for food but also to keep their burrows and paths clear of roots and shoots that are an obstacle to them moving about.

Unfortunately to your bunny electrical cables are pretty much the same size as roots and shoots and often lay in your bunnies path at the edges of the room where they move around. This makes them almost irritable to rabbits and the moment they run across them their natural urge to chew through them is likely to take over.