How to Stop your Rabbit Chewing Wires & Carpet

If you have a house rabbit then you need to make sure your home is bunny proof and safe. Follow this simple guide and find out how to stop your rabbit chewing wires, digging up your carpet and damaging your wooden furniture and baseboards.
Rabbit chewed carpet
Rabbit proofing is essential to make your home safe and prevent damage
How to stop your rabbit chewing electrical wires, wooden baseboards, door frames, furniture and carpet. Follow the guides below to learn how to rabbit proof your home and avoid costly damage.
Naughty rabbit
Sharing your space with a house rabbit can take a few compromises but get these right and you can both enjoy your home stress free.
Sharing your home with a house rabbit can take a few compromises but get the balance right and the rewards can be enormous. The following articles shares the experiences of people that live with house rabbits and what they do to encourage harmony in their home. We have guides for people bringing home a rabbit for the time showing what changes you can make to make your bunny more comfortable as well as advice for people who have gone that little bit further to share their home. Follow the advice and see what changes you could so you can both spend stress free time together.
Rabbit playing with toy
Its important for your rabbit health and happiness to have lots of toys
Its important for your rabbits well being to enrich its home with lots of toys. Find out what the best toys are to stop them becoming bored.
Indoor rabbit enclosure
Find out more about keeping your rabbit safe when unsupervised
When you live with a house rabbit there will be times when you cant keep an eye on them, for instance when you are at work or at night when you are asleep. During these times you will need to secure your rabbit somewhere safe so it does not come to any harm and make sure its a space that’s fully bunny proofed so you can relax knowing no damage is occurring to your home.

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