How to stop your rabbit urinating on your carpet, bed or sofa

Its important to litter litter train your rabbit the first time it is allowed to roam your home however even if you have fully litter trained your rabbit their may be times when their is the odd weeing accident which can quickly escalate into something more if you don’t do something about it. This article talks about what causes this and how to change this behaviour and the best ways to clean up the mess it can make.
Rabbit playing on bed
Even litter train rabbit have the odd weeing accident. Find out how to clean it up, what can cause this and how to stop it before it turns into a problem.
What causes you rabbit to pee in your home Territorial behaviour
Rabbits are territorial creatures and if their are certain areas of your home you rabbit is not allowed, typically soft surfaces such as a sofa, armchair or bed then the moment your rabbit can get up their they will want to mark their new territory. This has nothing to do with needing the to pee and is about spreading their sent. If it is a room that blocked of your rabbit could try and mark its territory alongside this space.
Learning or forgetting litter training
If you are introducing your rabbit to a new room then this can disturb their litter training routine and if they can easily find their way back to their litter tray then they will try and establish a new area. If you think this is the case then it can be beneficial to put down a second litter tray where the problem develops till you rabbit gets the hang of its new boundaries. Always be alert when you rabbit is first in a room and make sure you reward it when it uses the litter tray in the right place, even try putting some food next to it.
What to do if an accident happens
If your rabbit does pees on the sofa, rug or bed then you will have to remove the smell completely or the bunny will keep going back to this spot to mark their territory further. Its best to take immediate action, firstly because the longer you leave it the more it will soak into the materials beneath the covers which are hard to clean. Secondly because the disturbance will send you rabbit the clear message that its no longer in charge. If your rabbit has had an accident then it can be best to be proactive and cover the surface with a loose material that can easily be removed and washed. Where the accident did happen then you should treat the area with a fabric freshener.
Discipline and training
When your rabbit pees in an inappropriate place then scold it firmly straight away without raising you voice. If you leave it more then a few seconds then its likely you rabbit wont know why its being told off. Never hit you rabbit however gently. Remember to reward you rabbit when it does use the litter tray and if you have the patience you can even voice train you rabbit by associate going to use its litter with a key work so you can remind them to use it if they have been out in a room away from its litter tray for too long.
Spaying and neutering
Weeing or spraying is especially common for un-spayed or un-neutered rabbits and this is a procedure you should consider having done if you want them to live with you in your home. You may even find they can wee down their leg and flick it on you! Lastly remember to reward your rabbit when it does use its litter tray. If you have the time and inclination then you could even try voice training you rabbit by associating a key phrase with it going to use the litter tray then when you rabbit has been out in a room away from its litter tray for too long you can use this to remind it to use its litter and help you direct it back to it.