How to make a digging box for your rabbit

It's important for a rabbits survival in the wild to create burrows to live in and forage for food by digging. You can't prevent this behaviour in your home so if you want a happy and healthy rabbit it is important to enrich their environment to allow for it. By building a digging box you can let your rabbit play without digging up your garden or plant pots, pull up your carpet or tear your soft furnishings.
Rabbit playing in digging box
Build a digging box and let your rabbit play without damaging your home or making a mess
How to build a digging box
The first thing you are going to need is a large container, a cardboard box, large plastic bowl or basket will work well. The purpose of this is to contain the mess from the digging and shredding so it needs to have sides high enough to do this but still allow your rabbit to hop in. Make sure it's made of a safe material such as plain cardboard with out heavy ink or plastic finish and remove any tape or staples. If its made of wood or plastic avoid painted surfaces.
What do I fill it with
Next you will need to find a material your rabbit is going to enjoy digging and shredding. You can use soil which is what your rabbit probably would want however this can be very messy. A good choice can be shredded paper of some sort, its best if its mechanical shredded into strips like confetti. Paper based packing material also make a great choice, not the use bubble wrap or foam plastic sort. For a bit of variety you could also try placing a phone book in the box. Straw and hay are also good as their no problem with your rabbit eating this. News paper or magazines does not make a very good choice as the inks can be very heavy. Paper based litter is an option however as with all materials if you don't want your rabbit to confuse this will its litter tray so make sure you use something different material. Make sure any fillers you use are made of natural and untreated materials and avoid plastics as these could be harmful I'd digested. If you put any paper in avoid glossy print and make sure any staples are removed.
Materials for your digging box
Good materials
  • Strips of shredded paper
  • Straw
  • Shredded paper packing material
  • Phone book
  • Tissue

Bad materials
  • Glossy magazines
  • Inky news paper
  • Foam plastic packing material
  • Litter
  • Soil
Encouraging use
Remember not all rabbits are diggers and might not choose to play in the box. To encourage use place the box some where you rabbit will feel safe, if its in the middle of the room your rabbit may not feel comfortable burying its head in it. You can also try hiding some treats in their to make it more attractive, If you put an old phone book in their try hiding the treats amongst the pages this can help things along.
Remember its only for digging in
As always you should make sure your rabbit is supervised and if they start eating the material or using the digging box for sitting in or as a toilet area or anything else other then digging in then this is not what its for and it should be taken away.

Tell us about you digging box

If you have a digging box why not tell us what your rabbit likes to dig in or send us some pictures as we would love to share them on the website. Please send them to and remember to tell us something about your rabbit like his name, where he lives.