The complete guide to using training and disciplining your bunny

bunny stop chewing water mister
Discipline is not punishment, the aim is to gently encourage good behavior

The first thing to know is discipline is all about timing. Often by the time you notice your bunny has been up to something naughty their attention has moved else where. It is likely they will have forgotten what they were doing, so any telling off you give them is wasted. For this reason, it’s an important rule to only use discipline when the unwanted behavior is actually happening or you will simply confuse your bunny and make them unfriendly towards you.

When you do catch your bunny in the act, success will come from offering clear guidance as to what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not. By giving a clear instruction in a firm but calm manner you will be able to make it clear that it is inappropriate behavior. You should never behave aggressively towards you rabbit as they will not respond well to this and its likely to make them timid or aggressive towards you, making it harder to control them in the long run. There are lots of ways to get you bunnies attention without harming them such as voice commands, water mister and we go into more details about these in the following guide.

Lastly, it's important to realize that rabbits have very strong wild instincts and are often only doing what’s natural to them. Remember discipline is not punishment, the aim is to discourage bad behavior however, is unlikely to stop it. When you bring a bunny into your home you have to accept some compromises by removing temptations, by being patient when they do something inappropriate and forgiving and forgetting pretty much immediately so you can focus on activities that are acceptable and reinforce good behavior.