Take a look inside Winter's bunny pen

Take a tour of this great bunny enclosure. See in detail how Winter's secure pen is set out in this special feature.

Who lives here?

My bunnies name is Winter and she is five months old. I have only had her for a few months and my vet told me she isn't ready to be spayed yet. Once she has been spayed, I will be getting her a bunny friend to spend time with. Winter is a Holland Lop and she is very affectionate. She kisses my hands after I pet her and if she is in an extra loving mood, I might get a kiss on the nose. Although she is an affectionate bun, she does have an attitude at times. She is the boss and she knows that she is in charge!

Winter loves to run around in circles after the sun goes down and do zoomies and binkies. I can't eat a single meal without her hopping onto my lap and begging for human food. I will give her small pieces of fruit as a treat, but she even begs for my ice cream!

The enclosure I use I purchased off of amazon. I recommended this xpen to a good friend of mine and she is also very pleased with it. I would recommend it 100 times again. If you type animal pen or dog pen on amazon there will be a lot of options, but I use the build able grid kind.

The fun option with these is that you can build them to have multiple levels if you wish, and you can customize the length and width of the space. The grids also come with a special door grid that can open and close with ease. If you are worried about the height of the panels, you can add an extra layer or add a roof to it (or simple cover the top with a blanket)

The flooring and other features

You can use whatever you want for the floor of the pen. I put an area rug down to protect the carpet, but I realized that it would get dirty quickly. I lined the carpet with pet blankets I purchased on amazon and when I want to clean them.

I just brush the mess off outside and throw them in the wash! My friend that ordered the same pen as me, uses a waterproof splat mat because her bunny doesn't use the litter box 100% of the time. This can also be purchased on amazon.

Winter is a free roam bun for most of the day because I am usually at home. When I wake up in the morning, I let her out of her pen to roam around. She is allowed in every single room of the apartment, but I have bunny proofed all of the wires. The pen is set up in a spare bedroom I have.

I call it the bunny room because all that's in there is a bed, bunny pen and winters toys and supplies. The xpen is big enough that I was able to fit a tunnel and a hide house in there for her. She loves to sleep and do flops in the tunnel and dig on the grass mat.

The pen is low enough for me to step over and sit inside with her. I will play with her in the pen sometimes and it is very easy to move it if you wish.

I also have bunny fun corners in multiple rooms because winter is a free roam bunny. Every room she enters, has something to entertain her and that is what keeps her out of trouble.

Winter has lots of toys that i rotate every week or so which ensures she does not get bored with them. She loves stacking cups, cardboard and her stuffed animal. Anything that is safe to chew or toss around.