Indoor Bunny Enclosures To Give You Inspiration

Teddy’s Fab Bunny Enclosure Made From Storage Grids

Take a look inside Teddy's large enclosure which is loaded with toys and still has lots of room for binkying and flopping out in.

large office storage cube bunny pen
Teddys pen is made from an office storage system

Who lives in this amazing space?

mini lop tummy flop
Teddy enjoying a rest

My rabbit is Teddy, he is a Mini Lop and is 5 months old! He is cheeky, attentive and super outgoing! Teddy is known for binkying everywhere and randomly flopping in the weirdest places, especially in his litter box and nibble box!

How the enclosure was built

The grids were from amazon for a bookcase, but I thought they would be perfect as he can see through them and when doubled, the grids are high enough for him not to jump over! The pen is loaded with all his favorite toys including 2 tunnels, a house, an igloo and lots of bits to chew! To stop teddy escaping, the grids have attachments so that they are secure, but I've also used cable ties to make sure it doesn't move when he binkies and whacks it by accident

mini lop cardboard tube
Teddy has lots of hideaway toys he can play with

The enclosure is built in a room with a carpet but we put a plastic dust sheet down that is 12 by 9m to protect the carpet and then we put a fabric dust sheet down the same size so that he doesn't slip when he's running around and doesn't scratch at the plastic!

How is the enclosure used?

mini lop lay down
He actually loves being in there and when he's been out free roam

The enclosure is used throughout the day when I'm not in and at night time.

It's funny because he actually loves being in there and when he's been out free roam for a while he runs back into his pen like he's really missed it!

Full of loads of toys which I mentioned above My bunnies favorite place in the enclosure would be inside his tunnel where he sleeps and loves to flop.

I access it by stepping over the grids, but I get ted out by a gate at the side.

We bought a dog crate when we first for him so I've put that sideways in the cage so that the opening for the dog crate is like a gate for his pen, tha's how he gets in and out and he finds it easy!

mini lop laying cute
we bought a dog crate when we first for him so Ive put that sideways in the cage