Tour Meekos custom made multi level bunny enclosure

Who lives there?

Meet Meeko, he is a 6 month old Mini lop.

He is shy towards people, playful with cats and dogs.

How the enclosure was built

I got a 4ft x 4ft cage. Then I got four 2' x 8' board kind of things from Lowe's they were like eight dollars each I think. Then have you ever been in the old person's house and they had like wood around the walls. If you walk around Lowes you'll see it it's a huge 4 ft x 8 ft board and it looks like a legit wood floor it was $10 and Lowes will cut things for you so I had them Cut it in half and then I kept one full 4 x 4 half And then the other half I cut in half so it was 2 x 4. I don't know if you got that same cage that I had but I base my measurements off that cage.

They also sell turf Welcome mats at job lot so I got 2 black and two green cuz they only had two green And they had other colors like pink and blue and orange.

More about the setup

  • It has a second floor. It did have a ramp but I ended up taking it out.
  • Meeko doesn't even like to come out anymore.
  • The cat likes to go in with him and he liked her in there.
  • I can go right in and vacuum.