Why does my bunny chew my wallpaper, discipline and training

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Never underestimate how much damage your bunny can do when they start a project

It can be very upsetting to come home and discover your bunny has started chewing your wallpaper. If left this habit can do quite a bit of damage. So how do you let them know it is bad without causing stress and ending up with a grumpy bunny.

The answer is to use a combination of gentle discipline to set a firm boundary and provide lots of acceptable alternatives to keep them entertained.

The answer is to use a combination of gentle discipline and acceptable alternatives

In this guide we show you the best way to discipline your bunny, hopefully approaching it in a way kind enough that is doesn't cause stress.

We also have lots of ideas for toys that will keep your bunny busy and show you how to set them out to keep your bunny away from your wallpaper.

Follow our guide and learn how to encourage your bunny to stay away from your walls and wallpaper and still be their friend.

How to discipline your bunny for chewing your walls and wallpaper

  • Only tell your bunny off when you catch them in the act of chewing your wallpaper or they will not understand why you are being mean to them.
  • No matter how frustrating it is when your bunny chews your wallpaper never scare or cause your bunny stress as this may make them timid or aggressive towards you.
  • Even if you bunny is being naughty never hit or push or chase your bunny away, they spook easily and can hurt themselves in the rush to get away.
  • Always provide a stack of hay each day and lots of toys your bunny can shred and chew as an alternative.
  • Why not build a digging box with lots of things to shred and chew in.

The best toys for keep your bunny occupied and away from your walls and wallpaper

Miss Nibbles and Mr Biscuit From our facebook group
Just made another of these for my two buns. 4 toilet rolls rolled up and shoved into one toilet roll. I then pushed small natural treats into it. They play with it for ages trying to get the treats out. It also gets them running around the house cos once one gets it the other one chases them to get it hahah. They love it.
bunny toy toilet roll treat

It's quite natural for your bunny to forage about for fibrous materials to chew however if they get a taste for your wallpaper they can do a lot of damage over time. To help limit this make sure you bunny has lots of things to chew on as an alternative to keep them distracted.

It is best to provide lots of chew toys that can act as a tasty distraction. There are many chew toys that can be bought from pet stores. The favorites seem to be softer toys made from wicker however, these may not last as long as a solid wooden toy. Wicker balls are good as there is the additional fun of rolling them around. Grass mats are also a favorite amongst bunny parents however they can be a bit messy when they fall apart.

The best chew toys to distract your bunny from chewing your wallpaper

  • Grassy mat
  • Willow ball
  • Cardboard tube
  • Willow tunnel
  • Grassy hideaway

Remember to keep a fresh supply on the go and to replace them frequently so they don't lose their appeal.

Free toys

There are lots of things you can reuse around the home that make great bunny toys such as toilet roll tubes.

You can make these even more fun by stuffing them with some hay and other yummy treats and hanging them so your bunny will enjoy reaching up and tugging at them.

Digging box

If your bunny loves shredding paper, then you can contain this behavior and mess and have a lot of fun by building a digging box.

It's just a large cardboard box filled with suitable material like paper and straw that your bunny will love.

Place it over they area where you bunny has been chewing you wallpaper and encourage them to play in the box instead. This will keep they away from the wall and with a few kind words and treats they will soon be distracted from the wallpaper.

Reasons for chewing wallpaper

  • Boredom, make sure your bunny has lost of toys
  • Looking for fiber to eat, always give your bunny a stack of hay to much
  • Chewing paper help wears down their teeth, old toilet roll tubes make great chew toys

How to discipline your bunny for chewing your walls and wallpaper

it is possible to offer your bunny some gentle guidance to help control their unwanted behaviour such as chewing your walls and wallpaper.

Firstly, it's important to understand that you should never be tempted to shout at or hit your bunny. They don't get this sort of punishment and the stress can make them timid, or even aggressive.

The best way to let your bunny know it's now allowed to do something is to say their name with a firm NO! Then move them over to something you don't mind them chewing and reassure them they are being good.

If this does not work a stronger deterrent can be to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your bunny chewing or scratching spray a mist of cold water over them. Make sure it's clean and never squirt your bunny as the spray can hurt them if it hits them in the face.

Remember to only do this if you catch your bunny in the act or not only will you be wasting your time you bunny will not understand why they are being disciplined as they would have forgotten about it.

If this does not work you could always try using a water mister as a last resort to get the message across.