How to stop your bunny chewing your carpet

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bunny chewed carpet threads
Bunnies have razor sharp teeth that can make short work of carpet threads

Carpet chewing is a very common problem for people with bunnies and is a normal thing for them to do as they go about their daily bunny business.

In this guide we show you the various ways other bunny moms use to stop their bunnies from digging and chewing carpet and prevent the damage this can cause over time.

We have some simple bunny proofing ideas people have found work like, using an old ceramic tile to keep your bunny away from a trouble spot as well as many other tips and tricks.

We also have a guide to the Pros and Cons of floor covering that are commonly used to cover carpet and protect it fully from and chewing and stains.

Here's how to put a stop to carpet chewing

If you think using a taste deterrent like a bitter spray could help, we show you what to use and the best way to apply it.

So if you do have a bunny that's a bit of a carpet chewer or just want to make sure you don't lose your deposit, here's how to put a stop to carpet chewing with some effective bunny proofing.

Protecting areas where your bunny chews your carpet

tile covering carpet chewed bunny
Quick and easy carpet protection

If there is an area of carpet your bunny seems to keep picking on, then a lot of people have found a simple way to stop the damage continuing any further this to laying a spare ceramic over the spot. The weight will also help stop the carpet being tugged up which can cause a lot of damage if your bunny gets their teeth it. Tiles are good as they are cheap, don't get in the way and can be easily packed away when not needed.

Another easy way to stop your bunny chewing carpet can simply be to place a cardboard box over the top. This will effectively stop your bunny getting to the carpet and hopefully give it something more fun to do that is an acceptable alternative to both of you.

The best ways of covering your carpet to stop damage

If you want to be sure to stop your bunny chewing your carpet its best to cover it over completely. This can be especially useful if you have a room or night-time pen where your bunny spends a lot of time unsupervised. There are a number of ways that bunny owners have found to do this.

An obvious way to cover your carpet and protect it is to lay down some rugs or mats. Choose a rug made from a natural material such as wool or cotton in case it gets chewed as synthetic material can cause digestive problems if eaten. It is often best to weigh down the corners to stop the rug being pulled up and the carpet uncovered.

Some bunny owners who want something to totally protect their carpet from chewing and damage from spillages and peeing accidents have found that children's play mats make an attractive, waterproof covering. They are easily wiped cleaned however if you do notice a lot of chewing you may want to try something else.

If you want to cover a larger area and want to keep the cost low, you could always see if your local carpet store has any cheap roll ends. Make sure you choose a pure wool carpet that does not have a rubber backing.

Other alternatives people have found that may work for you are horse mats that are very tough and outdoor carpet that you can buy from home improvement stores.

What to cover your carpet to stop your bunny chewing it and prevent stains

  • Rugs and throws, and fleece blankets
  • Children's play mats
  • Horse mats
  • Carpet roll ends
  • Outdoor carpet
  • Puzzle mats, used for child play areas

Did you know

Rabbits are natural born diggers, here is why

wild rabbits warren

Rabbits are very good diggers and construct elaborate systems of burrows with multiple entrances where they sleep that can go several feet underground. They are adept at tunneling through hard soil and chewing through tough roots that stand in their way.

Unfortunately, it can be almost impossible to discourage this instinctive behavior in your home and your bunny is likely to always be trying to dig at, chew through or lift up your carpet as its only natural for them to do so.

Using bitter sprays to help stop chewing

Bitter sprays can be used to make chewing your carpet a little less appealing for your bunny. Unfortunately, in most cases people find that it is not a single solution and works best alongside some of the other bunny proofing.

Its best to apply the spray directly to the areas where the damage is being caused and any other areas that look like likely targets. Remember to keep re-applying it as it will lose its effectiveness.

Avoid home-made remedies that may be suggested to you such as perfume or chilly oil or soap as these can be harmful to your bunny, instead choose a recognized brand designed for bunnies. We would also avoid using double-sided sticky tape that could get stuck in your bunnies fur or cause problems if eaten.

Bunny proof check list

  • Cover areas of damaged carpet with a spare ceramic tile or cardboard box to protect it.
  • Use rugs, carpet roll-ends or play mats to permanently protect areas of carpet from damage.
  • Bitter sprays can help make areas of carpet that are being chewed less appealing.