Gracie Henry and Lolas bunny room

The setup

indoor bunny pen toys

The wall to wall flooring is vinyl so it protects the floor below and can be moped. It has a large thin rubber based mat in the center which is light enough to go in a washing machine.

Meet the bunnys

three house bunnies eating grass

Meet the three lovely bunnies that live in this amazing space. Henry is the white mini lop, Gracie is the butterfly mini lop, and the black rabbit is Lola, a rescue and the cuddle monster of the group.

black white bunnies playing indoorslarge indoor bunny pen

How the space is used

bunny yard

The little hutch is Henry’s den, they are never locked in it, its just for fun. They have this safe space to keep them safe but also have the run of the house and are in the garden free roam with French doors open to the house a couple of evenings a week.


black bunny relaxing

The dig box is half a kids swimming pool and also contains and a fresh supply of cardboard boxes from a local shop are used which Henry chews into shape! Henry is obsessed with cardboard box dens. Gracie sleeps on the chair and Lola loves the dig box. Something for everyone.