How to stop your bunny chewing your doors and door frames

bunny scratching door
You may need to do some bunny proofing to your doors and door frames to keep them looking neat

The soft wooden edges of your doors and door frames make an easy target for a bored bunny and it only takes a few nibbles for the damage to be noticeable. Over time a bunny on a mission can eventual do a lot of damage, costing a lost deposit or expensive repairs. If you want to keep your doors and door frames looking neat, then here are some simple ideas other bunny moms use to stop chewing damage.

Easy tempory protection you can put out to stop your bunny chewing your doors and door frames

door frame bunny protection
Easy bunny proofing that can be easily packed away when not needed

If you want something that you just want to bring out into a room your bunny is in a lot of people have found a great way to provide temporary protection is simply to lay something up against the areas when you bunny is showing interest. Ceramic tiles or willow bridge, a toy found in pet stores are ideal for this. They can then be easily packed away when not needed.

Protect your door frames from your bunny chewing them permanently with using tough corner guards

door frame corner protector
Tough plastic corner guards are ideal for protecting door frames from chewing damage

A simple way to protect fragile edges along the base of a door or on your door frames is to use a cheap commercial product designed specificity to stop this type of damage. You may have seen these L shaped length of tough plastic in public buildings and you can buy them in most home improvement store and fit them yourself.

They come in a variety of lengths however if you need to cut down to size this can be done with a craft knife so no need for any DIY tools. They can then be easily attached with some sticky pads or adhesive. They come in a wood colour, white and clear so you will be able to match it with the door.

Fitting a kick plate could save your door from your bunny chewing it

Another common type of damage can be caused by you bunny stripping off the soft wood laminate from the bottom edge of the door. A solid way of stopping this is to install a Kick plate. Although this will require some home improvement skills this will be fix the problem and will save your replacing the door.

Using bitter sprays to stop your bunny chewing your door or door frames

Bitter sprays can help make the corners of doors and door frames lot less appealing to your bunny to chew however bunnies transform their environment by chewing it and may be prepared to put up with the taste if they really feel the urge to chew a door. If you think taste deterrent will help, follow these simple steps to apply t the best way.

You can apply the spray directly to the affected area or to help stop the spray going everywhere you can also spray some into a cloth then wipe the liquid on. Remember to keep reapplying the bitter spray regularly so it doesn't lose its effectiveness.

Avoid homemade remedies such that may be suggested to you such as perfume or chilly oil as these can be harmful to your bunny and instead use a product designed for bunnies. We would also avoid remedies such as double-sided sticky tape that could get stuck in your bunnies fur or cause problems if eaten.

Did you know

Why bored bunnies chew at a door

wild rabbit alert

Bunnies communicate using their teeth to make a verity of noises from gentle tooth click when they are happy to full tantrums where they like to pick things up and bash them about.

They can easily learn that the sound of them chewing a door will get you up and get them attention.

Bunny proof check list

  • Temporarily protect door frames from being chewed by leaning a ceramic tile or a willow bridge, a toy found in pet stores up against them
  • Protect the soft wooden corners of your doors and door frames by fitting some plastic corner guards available from a home improvement stores
  • Apply some bitter spray to areas being chewed to act as a deterrent
  • Always provide lots of hay and chew toys to act as a tasty distraction