Why does my bunny chew my couch and how do I stop it?

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naughty bunnies couch
It's best to make under your couch a no-go area to you bunny

Bunnies like to have areas of shelter to move between and spend time resting in and underneath is somewhere they will naturally want to explore. Unfortunately, bunnies tend to do this by chewing the wooden legs, soft materials and carpet below which can cause quite a lot of damage. These out of sight places can also contain unfinished surfaces with nails or splinters, materials that could cause tummy problems if eaten. It can be especially problematic if they break inside your couch.

The best way to control your bunnies destructive urges is to direct them with some gentle discipline and encourage them towards some acceptable alternatives.

If you do need to usher your bunny out from under your couch or stop them frequently trying to get access to this space, we have advice on how to directly discourage this behavior using some gentle discipline. Follow our guidelines on how best to say No! without causing stress which can make things worse.

We also have some great ideas how to enrich you bunnies environment with lots of safe and acceptable alternative to offer shelter to satisfy this need. We have lots of suggestions as to the best sorts of tunnels and shelters to choose from as well as how to set these out around your home to get the most from them.

Bunnies like to have areas of shelter to feel safe

Don't learn to fight you bunny over the couch, learn how to guide your bunny by reinforcing good behavior so you can both relax around the couch.

Using gentle discipline around your couch

It can be very frustrating if your bunny has made it a mission to explore under your couch. Judging the right amount of telling off to usher them out without causing them stress is a fine line. Bunnies are very different from other pets and do not respond well to any sort of punishment, you may find this will even make thing worse. To help get this right follow these simple rules and learn how to give your bunny a clear message you don't want them to do this without leaving them scrabbling for cover or so scared they stop being your friend and even become aggressive with you.

Firstly, for any type of discipline to work you must catch them in the act or any telling of will be wasted as they won't relay understand why they are being punished.

Next, it's important to understand that no matter how frustrating it is you should not overreact, never scare, shout at hit your bunny. As a prey species they have a very strong flight response that can be unpredictable. They can come crashing off a couch and hurt themselves.

When you catch your bunny being naughty the best way to let your bunny know it's not allowed to do something with their name followed by a firm NO! If they keep going back its best to lead them away from the situation by giving them something else more fun to do.

A stronger deterrent if this turns into a persistent problem can be to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your bunny being naughty, spray a mist of cold water over them and they will soon be put off.

Enrichment ideas to keep your bunny away from your couch

If you want to keep your bunny out from under your couch, then it's important to enrich your bunnies environment with lots of safe and acceptable alternative types offer shelter to satisfy these natural urges. Follow our guide to the best types of shelter toys and see how you can best set these out around your home to get the most from them.

Tunnel toys are a great way of making moving around a room a bit more fun. Bunnies like to move around the edge of a room and if you place a bit of shelter along these edges, they will make passing through them a regular part of their routine. Cardboard, wicker or willow tubes from a pet store are great for this but just as good can be a cardboard box with a hole cut on each side.

Cloth tunnels are also very useful for adding a bit of shelter in the centre of a room. They are light weight so can be moved about easily and are not something you will worry about tripping over. That are also easy to pack away when not needed.

bunny couch cushion
Bunnies like climbing and will often climb to the top without thinking about how to get down

A cardboard box is an easy way to give your bunny somewhere sheltered to play in that they can get their teeth into and they will enjoy spending hours customizing a box to their own ends.

Solid shelters made from wood can also be very useful for giving your bunny somewhere permanent to shelter in. If your bunny has an enclosure it can be good to include one of these to give them somewhere super safe they will use to snooze in. These can also make good chew toys and offer an additional dimension to their room if they can jump on top of it when they are felling lively.