Is it harmful if my rabbit chews perspex?

The pros and cons of using perspex to rabbit proof your home, our opinion is that its not worth the risk of the harm it can cause. Here’s why…
Perspex is not a very good bunny proofing material

A lot of bunny proofing involves blocking of areas that you don’t want your rabbit to access or covering surfaces to protect them. Although Perspex is an ideal material for covering surfaces or blocking off areas it can have some drawbacks especially if it becomes broken or is chewed. In this article we explore some of its possible uses and discuss some of its negative aspects.

When to use Perspex for bunny proofing

The obvious advantage to perspex is that it is see through and can there for be used discreetly, however for the reasons listed in this article it is only really suitable when secured flat to a surfaces. Areas where this could be useful would be on a wall where the wall paper or even the wall is being chewed. In this instance a sheet can be attached to the wall by typically screwing it down by the corners.

Why Perspex is a poor material for bunny proofing in most cases

The main draw back of using Perspex that it is a brittle material and if it stressed will typically smashed into sharp shards which could easily cause harm. For this reason it is hard to use flexibly for instance to bridge a gap and block access to an area or lean up against a surface such as a wall or furniture. Instead a natural wood material (Not pressure washed or fiberboard) would be far better or a section of a pet pen is also very suitable.

It’s also likely that your rabbit will want to chew it which could be harmful if eaten in large amounts or if shards of it are digested as this would likly digestive problems leading to a visit to the vests.

It should certainly not be used in an area where your rabbit spends time eating or an area where it goes to the toilet. the perspex would quickly become damaged and scratched and this would make it hard to clean.

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