Living with a House Rabbit

There is often a lot of compromise when you share your home with a house rabbit. You find ways of arranging furnitures in your living space and make room for large penned of areas. The following articles share our experiences of how to help encourage a harmonious environment so you can learn to do things other rabbit lovers have discovered really work.
Rabbit living in lounge

Sharing your space with a house rabbit can take a few compromises but get these right and you can both enjoy your home stress free

How to discipline your house rabbit

Rabbits have very strong natural urges which can lead them onto trouble. They don’t however respond well to discipline like shouting or smacking which can leave them timid. But with a bit of practice voice training is possible and they can learn to take notice when you say no!

Designing your home with a house rabbit in mind

Find out how by rethinking the way your home is set out and by making some simple but important changes you can create an environment you and your rabbit can share together and without stress.

How to pick up & carry a rabbit without being scratched

It’s important that you learn to pick up your rabbit safely so that you can handle it when you need to with out getting scared and hurting itself or you. See our Tips and tricks for how to best approach this here.

Taking your rabbit on holiday with you

At first this may seem a bit of a unusual idea, however if there’s one thing house rabbit people can do its ‘unusual’ so here’s how with a bit of planning and the right pet friendly hotel you can enjoy going on holiday with our bunny.

When you bring a rabbit home for the first time

When you bring a rabbit home for the first time there are a number of things you will need to get and do to prepare your homed to make sure your new rabbit will be comfortable, safe and ensure you limit the damage it can do. Don’t leave it till it tool late find out what you need here.

How to litter train your rabbit

Litter training is important if you are going to keep a house rabbit. Thankfully they are naturally tidy animals when it comes to their toilet behaviour and can be taught to use a litter tray quite quickly with some simple steps.

How to make Christmas decorations safe for your rabbit

The special time of Christmas can be confusing and dangerous for rabbits. Find out how to make your Christmas decorations safe, stop your tree being chewed and make sure you and your rabbit enjoy this time.