Tell us about your rabbit enclosure

Its important to give your rabbits somewhere safe and secure when you are not there, for instance at work or at night. And by collecting an archive of these spaces we hope you and others can take inspiration and give their rabbits the best life they can. Simply answer as many of the questions below as you want the best you can or feel free to add any other details as we know every rabbits is special in their own ways. We would also love you to attach some pictures, they don't need to perfect, some snaps taken on your phone will be fine. Please send them to
Large office cube rabbit encloaure
Why not share how you build you rabbit indoor enclosure
Tell us about your rabbit
  • What is the name of your rabbit/s?
  • What type of breed/s do you have and was there any reason why you picked this type?
  • Where do you and your rabbit/s live, Which country, town or city will do?
  • How much time does your rabbit/s spend in the room?
  • How would you describe your rabbits personality?
How did you build your rabbit enclosure
  • How did you build your rabbit enclosure?
  • What special features does it have?
  • Have you done anything that improves safety?
  • If you could change anything about it what would it be?
What does you rabbit like to do in the enclosure?
  • What toys are there to play with and what toys does your rabbit like to play with the most?
  • Wheres the favourite place in the encloause?
  • Do you go into the enclosure and if so how do you share the space?
  • Has your rabbit ever escaped?

Need more help? Why not ask the Bunny Proofing group!

We are a community of house rabbit enthusiasts with a specific interest in sharing our experiences of living with these special pets. We like posting tips on enriching our rabbits environments, preventing damage to our homes and making them safe for our rabbits to inhabit.