Ozric’s indoor rabbit enclosure

Its important to keep your rabbit safe and secure when unsupervised and there are lots of different ways of doing this. Below you will find Ozric’s indoor enclosure which is a converted spare room. Take a look and we hope you take inspiration from it.
Bunny proofed room
Ozrics indoor enclosure is a converted spare room

Who lives in the room?

Ozric is a continental giant, He is very friendly an when he is not in his room he has the run of the house.

Where is its location?

He is located in a flat in Manchester England. It is in a busy and noisy area bet Ozrio’c does not seem to notice.

What bunny proofing features does the enclosure have

The room has a tiles floor which is great, the skirting boards are also make of tiles so that stops a lot of damage and is easy to clean. To make it more comfortable a few off cuts of carpet has been laid down. Ozric has access to the whole room so a pet gate has been put across the door to allow easy access. We leave this open usually when he is not out as it lets Ozzy feel more included.

Because Ozric has the whole room their are no electrical cords in the room. We only chose off cuts of wool carpets so there are only natural materials in his room.

Is there anything that makes the room safe.

There is a tube although being a continental giant he is quickly growing out of this. He has a cardboard box that I cut some holes in. He likes customising boxes by ripping shreds of the sides of the box. He also has a ball with a bell in it that he likes to bash about. We have a willow stick bridge that we put on it’s side and he like to sit in it.

Wheres the favorite place in the room

Rabbit room

Ozric loves sitting at the top of his ramp on the coffee table. It’s quite sheltered in there as there is a table over the top of it and he likes to run out is he thinks any food is on offer. He also likes to sit by the door to keep an eye on the rest of the house through the pet gate.

What’s permanent features are their in the room

We built Ozric a ramp out of wood that leads up to a coffee table of the same height and covered these in carpet. He loves running up and down this and around the back of this. There is a table over the top of this which is useful for leaving thing on. When he was little we kept him in a dog crate and this is still in is room as it has his litter tray in it.

Tell us about where your rabbit lives

If you have built an indoor enclosure for your bunny why not share it with us so other Bunny proofers can learn what can be done.

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